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DevOps engineer

Required Skills:
Knowledge of Linux (Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Debian), MacOS;
Knowledge of LAMP
Knowledge of nginx and Apache
Experience with performance
Experience with server infrastructure maintenance
Understanding the principles of OOP;
Experience with Docker , Jenkins, Vagrant

Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Webservers: Nginx, Apache, IIS
VM: VirtualBox, Docker, Hyper-V, KVM; Mvare
Cloud Computing Platforms: AWS, GPC
Programing languages: Bash, Javascript,
Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, Redis

– installing and configuring of web servers
installing and configuring of network monitoring systems
– installing and configuring of network hardware
– setting up and configuring of backup strategy
installing and configuring of terminal servers
– setting up server virtualization
– setting up of physical access control system

Will be a plus:

— experience with administering Magento 1 and 2 web-shops and servers: 1 year or more;
— experience with administering CMS web projects;
— Practical experience with Redis, Memcache
— experience of Magento integration with different API (Magento 1/ Magento 2);
— upper-intermediate English

— English (or another European foreign language) at a level not lower than the pre-intermediate.

IaC: CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible
CI/CD: Jenkins, Gitlab-CI
Other Tools: Git, Vagrant


Org. highlights:

— generous and worthy material compensation proportional to the knowledge and skills of the developer;
— financial incentives in the case of additional foreign language skills;
— freedom in the choice of modes of cooperation: flexible hours, distant work, piece work;
— regular salary review;
— official employment at your chosen model.

We offer:

— full social package;
— working hours by appointment;
— full legalization and support of the entrepreneur in the course of business;
— English courses;
— ability to change the value of the employment and mode of operation at the request of the employee;
— flexible work schedule (home-office, remote)

— paid sick vacation;
— paid vacation;


type: onsite

location: Kharkiv

workload: full-time