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Magento Website Development

Custom Magento development. We cover the full spectrum of Magento services. Our developers can help you address whatever Magento ecommerce development needs you might have. Our Magento extension development services address the functional requirements you or your users have. Our Magento 2 agency develops online stores within set budgets. We don’t even try to impose on you to do something from scratch. We choose ready-made solutions with high-quality code that we have already tested to optimize staff time and make development cheaper without losing quality.

Why Choose Magento 2?

Need something special for your business? Custom Magento solution allows your business to be unique, fast, scalable, and SEO-friendly. High functionality provides a more personalized shopping experience and the ability to upsell products and services. We are ready to bring you the best custom Magento development services!

Magento was initially built as an eCommerce platform. It can handle big catalogues, high website traffic as well as multiple product attributes. The platform offers different built-in options to increase the conversion and reduce the cart abandonment rate. If you need SEO settings, which can be easily modified, Magento will provide you with all this. It’s so flexible that allow building a system ideally suiting your business needs. Our Magento development company will help you create your online business.

Higher Performance

Compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 offers a 50% faster page loading speed and performs an average of 20% higher with the same server configuration. Faster speed encourages more sales and increases website search engine optimization. It can also better handle many catalogue pages without slowing down. This makes it scalable for large stores and able to grow with an online business.

Optimized Checkout

The checkout page in Magento 2 is more streamlined than in the 1st version. It’s faster and easier for customers to complete orders. It’s highly customizable and requires fewer steps and customer information. Reducing the checkout time is a must for lowering abandoned carts and increasing conversions.

Key Integrations

Magento 2 also integrates many popular extensions, so stores have better functionality out of the box. This includes many widely used CRMs, ERPs, payment gateways like PayPal and Braintree. These are the platforms most users choose to integrate anyway, so Magento 2 makes it much easier.


Mobile responsiveness is key to improving sales, as more and more customers are shopping on smartphones and tablets. CMS recognized this and made mobile responsiveness a priority in the core Magento 2 platform. It comes with new responsively designed and SEO-ready themes, integrated video, and easier checkout, improving the look and functionality of stores on mobile devices, thus encouraging mobile sales.

Better Security

Magento 2 supports essential steps to deal with server validation. Thanks to this, your online store will get much better security and search engine indexing, too. In addition to this, Magento 2 also offers Security Scan Tool to monitor your sites for security risks, update malware patches, and detect unauthorized access. Implementing the best security practices will drastically increase the credibility of your store and conversions. Improved Admin Interface

Magento 2 admin interface is designed to help reduce the time of managing an online store. Admins are now able to customize the admin panel so important business information can be accessed quickly. This makes each admin panel personalized for each user to increase productivity when managing products, orders, and customer data. Creating products in the admin panel is easier than before with 4x faster product import capabilities.

Magento Commerce

Packed with sales acceleration, digital merchandising, online promotion, and consumer intelligence capabilities, Magento Commerce is the best framework for businesses. We deploy your commerce on your server of choice, suggesting and adding the relevant features to available and performing the necessary customizations.

What We Solve

Unique Features

Your eCommerce solution will be up-to-date, created with all best practices and newest tech trends. Our qualified team of developers will make sure your online store has the most extensive range of useful features.

Extension Development

Looking for extra capabilities that aren’t provided by any existing plugins or integrations? Sky’s the limit with our reliable team of development buffs who will create Magento custom extensions to fulfil any possible business needs.

Third-Party Integrations

Magento third-party integrations with open-source nature allow for the impeccable multi-purpose of the end solutions. We use this to your advantage, integrating your finished solutions with the top-efficient APIs and systems for even more capabilities.

Custom Themes

Transactions often depend on the design of the user interface. We have experienced designers to make your eCommerce store brim with inviting, user-motivational visuals by using Magento custom themes and the latest design trends.

Benefits of Magento Website Development Services

  • Unique Solutions
  • Scalability
  • Your Ideas Implemented into one Project
  • Fully-Fledged Store

Features of Magento Website Development


Magento’s flexibility allows users to integrate third-party tools, gain more robust functionality of their eCommerce stores, and have access to a catalog of management tools.

Mobile-Friendly Design

New responsive design features make Magento the best mobile solution for many merchants and organizations.

Easy Integration

Integrate and synchronize Magento with many CRM platforms. Work with other third-party technologies

Open Source

Magento is an open-source platform that benefits from a rapidly expanding community and ensures your Magento website development solutions are created correctly.

Data Import & Catalog Management

Magento allows for the import of existing customer information, images, and product data from other eCommerce systems and applications.

Increased Security

The Magento security scan tool uses over 30 security tests to provide insight into the real-time status of your Magento store.

Why Us

We help bring various Magento 2 eCommerce development projects to life, from small businesses to top brands worldwide. We always found a possibility for extra optimization bringing better conversion rates.

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