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eCommerce Marketplace Development

Are you dreaming of creating the next Amazon or maybe you want to compete with Airbnb? The eCommerce marketplace is highly competitive. You have to stay on your toes to rise to the top. Luckily, our cutting-edge team specializes in eCommerce marketplace development and can make it a reality. We will help you create a scalable, high-quality website that is not only user-friendly but also appealing for a price that fits your budget.

What We Solve

Marketplace Development (MVP)

If your objective is to create a successful eCommerce store or you want to have a multi-vendor marketplace, we are here to meet your needs in all aspects of eCommerce marketplace management. Our skilled techs will work to quickly and effectively develop your site to meet your needs. We’ll help you with

Creation of a Store-Based on Marketplace

With your eCommerce marketplace idea, our team will work quickly to build your online store. We’ll focus on inventory, vendors, payments, orders, reviews, buyers, and filters to bring every piece of the puzzle together to complete an impressive final site. Our team will provide you with a Magento 2 Marketplace solution that is user-friendly, fast-loading, scalable, secure, SEO-friendly, manageable, engaging, and PWA by default. 

An Auction Opportunity Set Up

The success of eBay formed the foundation for online auctions stores. Recently, many eCommerce sites have decided to follow in their footsteps with simpler models that are proving phenomenally successful. With an online auction feature, you can offer your store products at competitive prices to customers to bid on. Currently, there are three types of auctions to choose between: incremental, automatic, and reserve price. Also, ‘buy it now’ features are a choice and easy to manage with an extension. We will help you with those features’ implementation.

Magento 2 Multi Store Development

Magento 2 multistore relies on the same successful Magneto installation and boasts the same backend for admin. You can share products and catalogue while setting up multiple stores with Magento 2 multistore setup. Each one can be as unique and diverse as you require, but product manageability remains easy. Our tech will focus on Magento 12 multistore development that focuses on flexibility and manageability, so you get your desired business results for your products and base.

  • Seller Microsite

    Seller website and profile like Amazon

  • Product Catalogue

    Vendor catalogue and inventory

  • Rating and Reviews

    Product ratings to allow customer to choose from best sellers for B2C marketplace

  • Seller Commissions

    Commission management

  • Shipping and Taxes

    Vendor shipping and taxes

  • Advanced Reports

    Vendor reports for top selling products

  • Multi Theme Support

    Theme support from LTR to RTL

  • Arabic/RTL Support

    Universal marketplace layout support from Arabic to German or English

  • Mobile App

    Single app for customers and vendors to manage the products and others

  • Contact Seller

    Chat and messaging system support

  • Responsive Design

    Any devices from mobile to desktop

  • Add-ons

    Custom Add-ons

B2B eCommerce

Having a B2B marketplace is really a tedious task as it requires some unique features from an ordinary B2C marketplace. The basic concept of a B2B marketplace is to provide a platform for the manufacturers and retailers to sell or purchase the products in bulk and in a hassle freeway.

Request for Quote (RFQ) – B2B sales rep and customer can negotiate over RFQ

Quotation Form Builder – Vendors can create the quote form to capture the payment

Purchase Order – The owner can raise a purchase order to the supplier or distributor

Bulk Purchase – Bulk purchase instead of adding products one by one

Price List – Different price rules for customers, groups, vendors

Shopping List – Create an unlimited shopping list and create quotation and order

Why to Choose WebMeridian for eCommerce Marketplace Development?

  • On-time & on-budget project delivery
  • Proven tech stack
  • High technical expertise
  • Continuous support
  • Quality-oriented work processes
  • Deep industry knowledge

Benefits of eСommerce Мarketplace Development

  • PWA (like an App) Experience
  • User-Friendly Admin Panel
  • Fast Website Loading
  • Ongoing Support of Marketplace

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