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eCommerce Consulting

We know that operating your business successfully is the top priority for you. Whether you are redesigning your platform to feature the current digital commerce solutions, striving to improve revenue and profitability, focusing on SEO traffic marketing behavior, or building a successful online go-to-market strategy, our eCommerce consulting experts will help you at every step of the way with your business strategy.  

What distinguishes us from the competition?

  • Solid eCommerce Background
  • Technology Aptitude
  • Results Driven
  • Proactive Problem Management Skills

What We Solve

As an experienced eCommerce consulting firm, we provide powerful solutions and expert’s advice, no matter what platform you use. Let us help you design a truly comprehensive, strategic goal plan for your online success. No matter your audience or specialized industry, we can assist you in navigating the complex world of digital commerce. Our Magento theme development services will help make your dreams a reality.

Analysis and Gathering of Business Requirements

The world is changing fast, and our team is here to stay current. Every day we work to monitor the latest trends and grapple the latest technologies. Our goal is to distinguish your business from your competition and provide you with a clear plan for your online project.

UX Audit

We want to know what drives your customers and users so we can meet all your business goals and surpass your expectations. We recognize that an eCommerce consulting and UX audit is a headache but a necessity to target any problem areas. Our skilled technicians will tackle the UX audit with efficiency to obtain the results needed to pinpoint any problems and move forward.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The online marketplace is rife with competition. Working together, we will grapple with your problems and arrive at practical eCommerce solutions. Our conversion rate optimization services are a valuable tool designed to enlighten you and meet your business needs. We can help with direct traffic, PPC, referral, or search for traffic.

eCommerce Strategy Development

We want you to work with a team of experts who will function closely with you to explore your most viable business opportunities. Let us help determine your business needs so we can develop an eCommerce strategy moving forward. Our team will formulate a plan based on the creation of I.A. to act as the foundation so we can move the project forward. Get ready to be impressed, as our experts develop an eCommerce consulting strategy that features true proactive management, usability, performance, marketing, and integration. 

Theme Development

The UI/UX Design Elements is not just a cute window into your website. Instead, it is made up of a dozen intricate components that all work together to complement each other. It helps to create a true, visual overall picture of your store. Talk about a powerful visual aid! Our consultants’ eCommerce team focuses on providing consistency in your design. The ultimate product will provide long-lasting efficiency of not only your store’s look but also the rest of the design intricacies. 

Magento’s PWA Theme Development enables theme creation from scratch. It requires no parent dependent themes as past Magento did. Instead, using ready-made modules allows us to create a brand new theme that is uniquely fashioned for your store. It will boast fast loading time and push-button notifications. Also, customers will adore the app-like experience which is easy to use and even works offline.

AMP allows site speed acceleration. Mobile users are a growing population of eCommerce customers that cannot be overlooked. Studies have shown that 34 percent of all online sales occur with a smartphone. In fact, the custom web development framework enables the creation of very lightweight pages that are perfect for mobiles. You can implement such pages for your store using Magento. Our skilled technicians and engineers will enable AMP stages with either custom or default design themes. The pages are user friendly and visually pleasing.

Platform Selection

The platform selection for your eCommerce website is crucial. A branded and modern design will attract potential customers and please your gained clients, but you also need to have a flexible base for your store to run it smoothly. With prototypes, there is no more guessing about what a store is going to look like. We want you to experience the results first to make sure you are satisfied. Will you choose a standard CMS theme and feature list or development from scratch with extended functionality? Our team is prepared to implement any idea.

Other Services

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