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Webmeridian Is a Full-Service Magento Development Agency

No more worries about expensive and wrong solutions. Let us do the tech part, and leave the time for creativity and accomplishment of your big ideas.

Our Expertise for You

Looking for an effective tech solution that responds to your business needs? We are here for everyone who wants the best for their business. Let us add our experience and skills in technologies to your project, and enjoy your successful customer-oriented eCommerce site.

Below we have described in short what we can do for you.

Our Main eСommerce Platform

Custom Development

Forget about faceless template projects you can’t tell one from another. As a Magento development company, we are going for an in-depth level of customization, crafting solutions to stand competition with the leading players in your business niche.

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Outstanding Approach

Migration to Magento 2

The official support for the original version of Magento ends in June 2020. We can help you keep up with the times and properly migrate to Magento 2 to make your website fresh and in-demand while avoiding any downtime and security risks.

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Support Packages

Maintenance and Support

Enjoy your growing profits and satisfied users while we handle all the tech stuff. No customer can be left displeased. Let’s establish 24/7 tech support and work on your software maintenance so that everything runs smoothly and never stays idle.

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Options for Collaboration

Staff Augmentation

No need to waste budget on the in-house developer team’s expansion costs. We can provide top Magento ecommerce developers or other tech experts to augment your team and provide the maximum efficiency of remote cooperation.

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Full Stack Web-Development Services

eCommerce Solutions For

Wholesale and retail online stores, created to establish their presence in WEB and be a driver for the growth. Magento shops of the Business-to-Business format are customized to particular product types and customer’s needs.

Huge Business-to-Business Magento online-stores, created for different groups of private customers, wholesalers and retailers to provide the shop with the ability to differentiate price, tax and discount groups.

Marketplaces where customers can sell their products directly on Magento shops or using connection to 3rd party e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, etc.

Stores that can use the same database and admin area, but different layouts, design and URL addresses, with different languages, price and tax rules, currencies, server locations, etc.


Pricing Model

Hourly projects on time and materials basis.

Outstaffing/Dedicated team

Pricing Model/Project Type

The pricing model is defined by the fixed amount of hours or dedicated developers for a full-time or part-time engagement.

Short-Term Projects

Outsourcing Pricing Model

Short-term projects on hourly or fixed-price basis.

Fixed-Price Projects

Pricing Model

Projects with the fixed-cost budget. It is mostly applied for projects from scratch.






Magento Shops



Design and Theming



Custom Extensions

Recent Case Studies

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Happy Customers

Retailers and wholesalers who have tried our services and have something to say:

Everything with good quality. Recommendable !!

- Manfred Krug

Owner ar

very good communication and excellent technical skill

- Sebastien P.

CEO at CDP France

I am very satisfied with working with you now. You respond quickly, you provide feedback reliably and you implement well. I really appreciate that.

- Carina Frerichs

PM at Exinit GmbH

It's good working with WebMeridian. Two migrations to Magento 2 went nice and smooth.

- Francesco Zanin

Digital Marketing Consultant - NFK Digital

This is the fourth time in 20 years that I had an audit of my website by some expert. Yours is clearly the best and, so I believe, very helpful. In January, my Google ranking improved, and I got back to the first page with the keyword ``Schiffsmodelle.`` All the other keywords in German and English ranked much better, too. I am back in business and have already sold eight fine and expensive ship models.

- Michael Czytko

Owner of Finemodelships

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