WebMeridian: who we are and what we do.

WebMeridian is a Ukrainian web-programming company, focused on development, delivery and support for e-commerce solutions, based on CMS Magento. The web-agency was established in 2015 with development office located in Kharkiv. We design, build and support e-commerce solutions for the retail and wholesale brands. We are a Digital e-Commerce Agency, highly specialized and focused in our field of expertise — online selling technology, providing service and product solutions for our clients from the delivery center in Ukraine as well as front / sales office in Germany. We implement e-commerce solutions using a stack of technologies like CMS-based platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, and others framework-based solutions. Our core technology is CMS Magento.

Our skills

Better way is just to test them - make your project. If you would like to be sure that you have a business with professionals - give us task to quote or implement short task to see how good we are.




Ruby on Rails

Our works

Here you can find some of our works, including e-commerce, custom framework and cms project we have developed from the scratch and to release. Here are also included projects where we have made some fixes and projects we take care making ongoing support or maintanence.


The best development practices to make your site work perfect and kill everyday headache
Ready-made Magento front-end themes: Milano, Ultimo, Porto
Mar 16
Mar 16

Chosing the best e-commerce site design option

We at WebMeridian often receive a question: “What is the difference between a custom and a ready-made template?.. Which one should I chose for my online shop?” Our team has decided to put the answers for the most frequently asked questions here, to make your decision easier. So, there are three options with regards to […]

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credit-card-hacked crop
Feb 19
Feb 19

How to secure Magento E-commerce site from being hacked

Does your business rely mostly on online shopping site? Are you sure it is secure? Nearly 6000 Magento sites worldwide were infected with a malicious skimming code already in September 2016, and were manipulated in such a way that customer data and payment information are passed on to online criminals during the ordering process. According […]

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