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About Us

Hi! WebMeridian is a full-service Magento development agency. We are tech lovers and passionate eCommerce experts that believe in honest relationships and provide effective tech solutions that correspond to your business needs.

We implement eCommerce solutions using a stack of CMS-, PHP- and framework-based technologies like Magento, Laravel, Shopware, Zend, etc. Our core technology is the eCommerce platform – Magento.

Our team is ready to solve your tech challenges, ensuring the highest code standards, and using the best practices for your site’s security and performance. You strive for excellence, so are we. Let’s join up and deliver your ideas to actionable results.

What To Expect From Us

  • Tech expertise. Our team consists of highly skilled engineers who handle the tech part entirely and know what to offer specifically for the industry and niche where you operate.
  • Communication. Speaking English and German fluently, we want to provide you with a smooth work process by understanding your problems and needs clearly.
  • Business knowledge. You understand your business, and you take care of it. We understand your business needs. Whether you operate in a specific niche or have a dropshipping business, need a reliable developer or a team, we have a responsibility for the result that you get. We ensure that you get the most of our cooperation and elevate your site to the new heights.

Our Approach

Our team loves to solve tech challenges. Each project is unique and requires a well-defined workflow.

Please take a look at our project delivery approach and how you can benefit from it.


Analysis and Consulting

Analysis, Audit, Investigations and Consulting for questions related to your business-idea or problems with existing e-commerce platform.


Concept & Architecture

Concept of a new eCommerce solution or the list of changes for an existing Architecture. Specific tasks to achieve business results.


Development and Testing

Development and implementation of eCommerce web app architecture and functionalities following the Concept and a Solution created during the Planning Phase.


Support & Maintenance

24/7 ongoing Support and Maintenance for online-shop or an eCommerce app. Troubleshooting and Monitoring in order to provide sustainable growth for an online-shop or app.

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