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WebMeridian overview: who we are and what we do

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We are a Ukrainian web development company with development office located in Kharkiv.  We design, build, support and provide e-commerce solutions for the retail and wholesale brands.

We are a digital e-commerce agency, highly specialized and focused in our field of expertise — online selling technology, providing service and product solutions for our clients from the delivery center in Ukraine as well as front / sales office in Germany.

We implement e-commerce solutions using a stack of technologies like CMS-based platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, and others frameworks based solutions. Our core technology is CMS Magento.

We are not similar to the most colleagues and competitors in the industry: we are focused on our work and love businesses we are helping to launch.

We provide our team members with opportunities of discover their potential, grow as talented professionals and achieve fantastic results for our clients.

We don’t like the word “average”. We work and achieve the best results and solutions quality.

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