The online-commerce is booming, but customers are getting more and more demanding and often stop the buying process in case of the slightest inconvenience. Using Magento you already have a huge advantage as an online retailer with the leading online shop-systems – the market share makes up to 26 per cent. Yet you often reach the limit with standard functions.

Magento is the most popular e-commerce software.

The so-called extensions may mitigate the faults. This enables online retailers to improve the customers’ shopping experience, as well as to free up the precious time at process automation. With thousands of different extensions at Magento marketplace, the choice may be pretty difficult, mainly because of the core idea when you want to snag the maximum of your online shop. In this article we will offer you the best extensions for the main problem areas of online commerce.

Top 10 Extensions for Magento

Here are Top 10 extensions for your online shops that you won’t be able to reject.

  1. SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx: Link

Fact: 93% of all online activities starts with searching!

The online shop, which does not appear in Google search results, fails. It may have an excellent design and an extensive range of products, but still have no visitors. With the SEO criteria optimization, your online shop may be listed higher in Google results, thus increasing the number of visitors and achieving higher conversion rate.

Magento Extention SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx can be a good support here. This plugin is all-in-one SEO solution for Magento users offering metadata optimization, detailed SEO reports, internal/external networking, and even more.

  1. OptinMonster: Link

Fact: E-mail marketing demonstrates ROI rate of up to 3800%!

OptinMonster includes several functions for increasing the conversion rate of your online-shop. The extension enables you to make valuable e-mail subscribers from the potentially breaking visitors. Since nowadays the e-mail marketing is certainly one of the most efficient online-marketing strategies to contact your customers directrly, any online retailer has to make use of it.

OptinMonster is very flexible adopting a user-friendly drag-and-drop feature to create outstanding designs. The extension also has one exit-intent technology that tracks the mouse movements and directs users the pop-ups before they leave the website.

  1. MailChimp: Link

If we talk about email marketing, we can’t pass over the the world-known MailChimp extension. 100-% one of the strongest players on the market, MailChimp stands out for its success tests in application field. You can be sure, that your emails will always reach the point. Having a very smart interface, user-friendly organization and drag-and-drop function, it may be used by everyone.

One of the most valuable functions of MailChimp is its A/B testing, which gives you an opportunity to analyze and improve the results of two different versions of emails to a target group taking into account opening rates.

  1. Optimizely: Link

A/B testing (also known as a split testing) is a way of testing enabling testing and comparison of impact of two very similar versions (only a few different variants) of a webpage on a target group. When having results it is possible to come to a conclusion not only what version leads to a higher conversion rate, but also helps to find out the reason through changing their variables. It’s worth, for example, to carry out many tests for the entire check-out process in order to find out, at what point and for what reason the customers ceased their purchasing process.

Optimizely is one of the leading providers of A/B testing and it is also available as Magento extension. Apart from the user-friendly interface, Optimizely also offers a wide range of functions by means of multi-variate tests.

  1. Olark: Link

Fact: Live chat problem-solving with 73% higher satisfaction level!

The availability of a live chart function gives many benefits not only to you as a manager, but also to your customers. No wonder a professional chat advice leads to a higher number of sold products. With the right live chat extension for your online shop, you can care about potential interests through the buying process and finally make them available for purchase. The extension, that on all sides the “right” one is Olark.

In addition to the basic feature of a live chat function, Olark offers a co-browing extension, that allows you to see the current browser of your customer and thus, knowing that, navigate directly through your online shop. This function is especially important for online shops and enables the access to a current state of customers’ shopping cart.

  1. Nosto: Link

Fact: 75 per cent of all online visitors are ready to buy something if they get relevant product recommendations

It is cheaper for you to keep a customer than to get a new one. Personalization in online marketing has become increasingly important during the recent years. In e-commerce field places emphasis on the best possible customer approach and personalized product recommendations. Relevant and personal content encourages old customers to get back to buy from you again and beside that better manages new customers through the website.

Nosto is an extension that every customer finds unique in order to make buying experience as close to customers’ preferences as possible. For this purpose the extension uses thousands of data points from your online-shop. Together with personalized offering of products Nosto also uses Facebook ads, related pop-ups and automated e-mails.

  1. Product Advisor: Link

Personalized search process is the indispensable element for a custom-oriented online shop: Customers should find the desired product with a few clicks.

Having Magento extension “Product Advisor” you can offer your customers rather personalized buying experience. Imagine this solution as an online seller, that leads your customer through specific questions to the desired product. The software solution provides a detailed customization function with regard to the number of requests layout, transition effect and resulted product offer.

  1. OnePageCheckout: Link

Fact: 70 per cent of online buyers cease buying because of complicated checkout process!

OnePageCheckout is a valuable extension that serves for drastic decrease of this problem. It combines several steps of buying process and simplifies shopping with improved user experience. In the long run it also reflects on conversion rates. This is a very simple way to boost your sales without implementation of any new strategies or website optimizations. OnePageCheckout is surprisingly easy to install, it is updated automatically and offers comprehensive support.

  1. Payone: Link

Our final goal as a manager of an online shop is to make sales evident. In this regard, the smooth payment process is an essential part of buying process. Sometimes online buyers cease buying process at the last moment at the payment page that may become an absolute nightmare for an online shop manager. At this point a good payment gateway is trustworthy for a customer, no high charges, and reasonable, simple payment process.

As a one of 50 fastest developing technologies in Germany, Payone is the right choice for your online shop. Payone supports all possible payment methods and offers versatile functions that are used as a protection from non-payments and frauds. The extension deals with decrease of interrupts and maximization of the conversion rate with all payment processes automation.

  1. MagePlace Backup: Link

It is recommended to make regular backups of your online shop: Today we live in constant danger of hacker attacks or other issues that may cause significant damage. Regular backups can help in this situation. Despite the fact that you don’t actually need an extension to make a backup in Magento, it can still spare some time and money, as well as enrich online shops with additional functionality.

MagePlace backup is an easy and powerful extension, which also has many flexible options. MagePlace can make a backup version of your online shop on the local or external server, as well as perform automatic storage. The extension is comparatively cost-effective and can fill you with a sense of security that by far outweighs the overall expenses.


And here you have Top 10 must-have extensions for you online shop. As we have already seen, you can bring your Magento shop to the next level by using the right extensions.

However, keep in mind that the selection of the extension shown above can be influenced by many different factors, for example, the correspondent business model or product portfolio. First and foremost, you have to know the goals and the problems of your online shop in order to counteract them with the right solution and the good news is that you have the variety of possibilities for that.

Originally published on XING by Dimitri Haussmann