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The Best Shopify Stores: Their Strengths, Weaknesses, and What You Can Learn From Them

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Running an eCommerce store is no easy feat. It requires a lot from you just to keep things moving at a steady pace. Even the top brands that run eCommerce stores face some challenges from time to time. This might seem scary to you, but there is a way around it. 

The large eCommerce stores have faced most of the ups and downs of running an eCommerce store. Learning from their experiences is the safest way to successfully build your store without running into many problems. Read on to find out more. 

Why Do Brands Use Shopify?

Shopify has done well to help many brands create an online store to widen their reach. 

Shopify is made for all forms of eCommerce, regardless of what your brand is about. You can use it for food products, clothing, automotive, and health. Even if you want to customize the size, the development does not take time at all. Shopify offers an impeccable service unlike no other, and some of their best features are mentioned below.

  1. Price: Shopify offers top-tier services to all its customers at a relatively low price. Only a few eCommerce platforms such as Magento offer something of this nature.
  2. Popularity: there are over 11 million Shopify stores in the US alone. This is enough to convince anyone of its legitimacy and reliability.
  3. Mobile Support: this is one of the best reasons why many eCommerce shop owners choose to go for a Shopify store. Examples such as these and the multi-channel ability of Shopify makes it accessible to customers on both PC and mobile devices.

The Best Shopify Stores | Worldwide Brands Experience

Shopify does its best to provide an impeccable service, and it is not surprising that both small and large companies use it to run their store. Please take a look at some of the Shopify store examples of big brands and the things you can learn from them.


Design: Nescafé did well with its store design. They combined effective branding with seamless site performance. The online store interface is easy to navigate, and it features a theme that blends perfectly with the products. 

Performance: The products are arranged with brief descriptions underneath, and the picture quality is remarkable. This is a very smart way to design their user interface. The customers can easily find each product and preview its appearance.

Mobile app: With the Nescafé app, the customers can customise their order as much as they want. All you have to do is to pair it with the coffee machine, and you are good to go.

Special Features: Nescafé employed an impressive marketing technique of adding quality descriptions of their products and adding an option to review the products. This boosts their credibility and allows customers to make decisions based on the experiences of previous customers.

The Best Shopify Stores - Nescafé _ Multi-Language Store

Red Bull GmbH

Design: If you are interested in impressing and attracting your customers with a unique interface, then you can learn a thing or two from RedBull GmbH. It is no surprise that the brand is among the most prominent eCommerce stores on Shopify and has a market value of $12 billion. The store implements videos and other visual aids to describe its brand and services. 

Performance: the online store runs smoothly regardless of the load and traffic it experiences daily. The images are high resolution and properly optimised for this purpose. 

Mobile app: You would notice that the information on the mobile interface is at the barest minimum. This improves performance significantly, and keeps the interface simple and mobile-friendly.

Special Features: RedBull understands the power of visual aids and marketing. This is why they did well to employ lots of animations and videos on their site. This draws the attention of the visitors and makes them more likely to make a purchase.

Red Bull GmbH - Shopify sample stores

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Morphe Cosmetics

Design: Morphe Cosmetics has made itself unique by creating a distinct user interface that effectively showcases its products. The store runs on Shopify, and it is clear why their design is top-notch. The user interface is easy to navigate, and the colourful theme is aesthetically pleasing.

Performance: For a store that uses images intensively, they have done well to optimise their platform for this purpose. Overall, there is no lag on the platform when considering the high traffic it experiences daily. 

Mobile app: Customers can preview the products on both PC and mobile devices without experiencing lag. 

Special Features: In a world of numerous cosmetic stores, it is pretty imperative for stores to stay relevant at all costs. Morphe cosmetics did well to add a unique tool called the foundation finder to help clients find the perfect shade they need.

Morphe Cosmetics - Best Shopify stores

Norwegian Rain

Design: When you open the Norwegian rain eCommerce store, the first things you would notice are the use of optimised images and video aids. However, you would also notice some sections where the images are high resolution. This is to help the customers visualise the surface of the fabric products clearly. 

Performance: The performance of the site is not affected by the number and size of images used, and there is rarely any lag. It is safe to say that the site does well in handling this load.

Mobile app: The mobile platform that works seamlessly on iOS and Android devices. Regardless of the device used, you would still notice that the user interface is quite detailed and impressive.

Special Features: It is no surprise they did this since the brand does all it can to attract its customers. But something that customers love is the streamlined checkout process and absence of extra costs. 

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Kylie Cosmetics

Design: This is one of the best Shopify stores. Visually, this interface is very appealing and instantly grabs attention. The platform oozes with beauty and aura at first glance.

Performance: The interface is properly utilised to navigate and display the products. The attractive theme and simple arrangement of the user interface are top-notch. With this amount of traffic, it is impressive that the site runs smoothly and has no lag.

Mobile app: the free mobile app runs smoothly and offers all that you would find on the desktop site.

Special Features: One standout feature is how the site displays its products. Hovering over the product name shows how the product looks after application. This gives potential buyers a clear image of what the product looks like on people.

Kylie Cosmetics - Best Shopify stores

The New York Times

Design: The colours, icons, and navigation make it very easy for users to find their way around the platform with ease. They also make the products appear more appealing to boost sales.

Performance: This is one of the most iconic and world-renowned brands. Its international impact and global reach are enough to prove its prominence. But the brand does not settle for less and runs its store on Shopify. It explains why the store runs seamlessly and has a very impeccable user interface. 

Mobile app: You can access the site on a mobile device, and it does not lag or run on less quality.

Special Features: The shopping cart is directly in the top right corner of the screen. It is easy to find, and it shows you a full breakdown of the price in real-time. 


Design: Ever since its inception, it has grown exponentially to become one of the most prominent sites for workouts and gym apparel. Gymshark uses its interface to showcase its gym intensity and product’s style. The home page displays a few of the top products in the store, and its catalogue is properly sorted into several sections. 

Performance: Its interface is effectively maximized for quality and minimizing lag. For a platform that processes a lot of transactions, it is also quite impressive that there is little to no lag. 

Mobile app: This is why the site runs smoothly on both PC and mobile devices. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Special Features: The special thing about Gymshark is the user interface. It is divided into two sections for male and female wears. Both sections also have a lot of subsections under them. This streamlines the process of searching for products and makes the site easy to use. 

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What Should We Take Stock In?

One thing about these big Shopify sample stores is that they share some traits in common. Let us take a look at some that you can use for your store.

Performance: every one of the stores mentioned above have impeccable performance. They have little to no lag and can handle the heavy-duty of being a large store with ease. This is because they do not use high-resolution images. Optimised images work well, and prevent lag.

Mobile: These stores recognize that most customers have a mobile device, so they also run mobile platforms for their store. Do well to streamline the checkout process. It makes it easier for customers to access the site on mobile devices.

User Interface: The design of the user interface of the Shopify sample stores are impeccable. However, do not add complex designs when you customize the site. This would help your customers find their way better.

Social media presence: Online stores are only effective if your customers know that you have one. The brands above did well to create a solid social media presence to build awareness. Try to create a large following on social media, and keep them engaged frequently. This way, you would be able to draw their attention to your products and raise the traffic to your store. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the most common ones you can use.


Now that you know the benefits of Shopify, you must consider it as the main platform for your eCommerce store. But, you do not have to do it by yourself. You need skilled professionals to help you get it done correctly. With our all-in-one services, we can help you get it all done perfectly and in a concise time. Let us get in touch to discuss the project better.

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