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Amplify WooCommerce Store: Customer Acquisition & Conversion Rate Optimisation Tactics

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Are you looking for ways to optimise your WooCommerce store? Every aspect of the shopping journey is exciting for the shopper and the business owner. You want to drive traffic and push the growth of your business.

This means focusing on optimisation tactics to increase the traffic, up the conversion rate, decrease the likelihood of cart abandonment, and ensure that buyers buy to boost your order size.  WooCommerce plugin might prove the plugin you need in your tool chest to ensure success! 

In this article, we will look at the following seven steps need to attain your customer acquisition goals and improve your conversion rate optimisation tactics. Whether you are setting up a WooCommerce store or you already have one, the following steps will help you significantly. 

  1. UI/UX design
  2. Order management system
  3. Shipping solutions
  4. Customer acquisition data analytics
  5. Marketing, sales and social media
  6. Optimised checkout 
  7. Mobile app and PWA

Homepage Design: Make Your Brand Consistent

Your homepage matters. It’s the first thing that would-be buyer’s experience, so it has to stand out from the rest. If it does not grab attention, the shopper will navigate away from the page as soon as they land on it. You want your brand to be consistent and memorable. Branding is crucial for any eCommerce site. 

Let’s look at a list of the hottest extensions for a cutting-edge UX: 


Sizzy - Extension for WooCommerce Store

Are your web pages responsive? Sizzy is available as either a browser or web plugin. You can experience a side-by-side view of your page that is interactive and provides different screen sizes.  You can flip between landscape and portrait modes. You don’t even have to put your site live. Sizzy can check it out if you provide a localhost URL to carry out testing using various screen sizes.

BottenderBottender - Setting up a WooCommerce store

Bottender offers chatbots along with conversational interfaces. The JavaScript framework lets you build across bots that run across platforms. It also supports Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram. You can run the bot through the console. 

ScrollamaScrollama - Setting up a WooCommerce store

Storytelling is hot right now. It’s key to successful branding because you want your customers to relate to your brand. You can use Scrollama to tell your story online. 

Useful video on how to build a  storytelling site with  Scrollama.

The Best WooCommerce Themes

WordPress’s themes do work well with the WooCommerce plugin. However, when picking the best WooCommerce theme, here are a few tips: 

  • Make sure it’s flexible and easy to use.
  • Any theme you pick needs to work well with extensions/add-ons. 
  • WordPress plugin compatibility is a MUST. 
  • SEO friendly — all Wood Commerce themes boast SEO optimisation.
  • Responsive design layout.
  • Life notifications.
  • Speed optimisation performance results along with rapid load time.

The best WooCommerce themes include:

Astra WooCommerce Theme 

Astra WooCommerce Theme was explicitly built for WooCommerce websites. You can grow your sales with this highly flexible them plus you and quickly and effortlessly customise it by using only a single line of code. 

Ocean WP

If you want a free WordPress theme, then check out OceanWP. You can genuinely different import and create an online store quickly and with very little work. The theme provides fast load time, translation, page builder compatibility, SEO, and extensions. 


If you are seeking a theme that looks impressive on the desktop and mobile, then check out Neve.  It is easy to use. The extra settings give you the control you need to customise your page appearance truly. Best of all, Neve offers rapid load times and is easy to use with a variety of page builders. You’ll get 80 plus starter site templates. It is also translation-ready. 


If you want to customise your WooCommerce store, then you’ll want to look at SeedProd. It is an impressive landing page builder. You’ll save money by not needing to hire a pro to design the page. Instead, you can just use SeedProd. With pre-built templates, you can effortlessly create a custom design that is sure to impress. 

Amplify WooCommerce Store with The Best WooCommerce Themes

WooCommerce UI/UX Design Tips 

Stand out from the crowd by picking designs that inspire you. Remember, your design tells your brand’s story. It’s essential that you not duplicate it from your competition but instead strive to be different from the rest, so you become memorable

When designing your WooCommerce landing page, you’ll want t pay particular attention to the layout, so it makes sense. It should be easy to use and instantly grab the visitor’s attention by showcasing a few products right out of the gate. You pick categories like featured products, the newest products, and on-sale products.

The entire landing page has to be easy to navigate and understand at a glance. Organise things in basic categories, so they are easy to find. You can place the categories in the navigation menu. Everything has to be easily accessible from the home page. 

Visitors do not want to spend an excessive amount of time hunting for the products they are interested in. Most individuals have a notoriously short attention span and will quickly navigate away from any page that does not hold their interest or takes too much effort to find the products they seek. 

Dive deeper into: Represent Your Business Right with a Proper Website Homepage Design for an Online Store

Managing Orders 

When processing an order, most customers want clear and concise communication. Provided updates on shipping and orders so that your buyer knows exactly what is happening with the product they purchased every step of the way.

You’ll also want to maintain stock inventory, so nothing is back-ordered because customers hate waiting and wondering. During the process, always offer optimum customer service and communication.

Mobile or PWA 

When considering mobile app vs PWA, remember that progressive web apps are a superb cross-platform choice. It is a way of taking the best of both worlds — Android and IOS. It’s kind of like a mix of a website and an app. 

Shipping and Returns 

You have ordered, and now it’s time to ship or offer returns. Using WooCommerce, you can ship using shipping API (application programming interface).  With API, the entire process is streamlined. You can provide emails to the buyer with tracking details and even text messages.

Learn more: Choose the Best eCommerce Shipping Solutions: All You Need to Know

Marketing, Social Media and Sales 

Social media is a valuable marketing tool for sales. You can target your audience and quickly convince consumers why they should purchase your products or use your services. With social proof, you will leverage your customer’s opinions to influence others further to shop with you. Reviews are a great way to achieve this. With positive customer feedback and reviews, consumers will feel better about shopping with you. Positive testimonials give your business the edge it needs to succeed. 

Don’t be afraid to ask customers for reviews. You can even provide incentives for feedback. Use the WooCommerce  Review for Discount plugin, which requests that customers leave a review to achieve a discount on a future purchase. 

Social Media 

Check out the following list of social media extensions:

Real-Time Social-Proof and SIP Social Proof for WooCommerce

Real-Time Social-Proof and SIP Social Proof for WooCommerce are both considered plugins that help you take control of your business’s social proof strategy. You can increase your conversion rates, lower customer acquisition prices, provide live stats and analytics, and more.  

YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts 

A fully customisable plugin, the YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts offers discounts on future purchases if a customer shares your products on their social media account. It’s an outstanding word-of-mouth advertising opportunity that will increase your brand’s visibility. 

WooCommerce Wishlist

Use this easy plugin – WooCommerce Wishlist – to create wishlists. Consumers can even save products for future purchases. Best of all, consumers can share their wishlists on social media, so your brand gets even greater exposure. 


The StoreYa Shop to Facebook for WooCommerce lets consumers visit the WooCommerce website from the social media giant Facebook. You don’t even have to leave your social media account to visit. Provide special offers to spur engagement further. 

Marketing Tips & Tricks

Do you want shoppers to buy more?  Enhance the shopping experience of your customers with these extensions. 

Smart Coupons

You can create discount codes using the WooCommerce built-in coupon function, but with the Smart Coupons extension, you can create bulk coupons with unique codes. Then you can email the coupon codes to customers. Bulk coupons are top-rated during holiday sales. If your business is lagging, they can also help jumpstart sales. 

Cart Add-Ons

Cross-sell and upsell using Cart Add-Ons. You can even provide additional options that customers can explore after they load things into their cart. Customers love product recommendations that help them make a choice. 

Dive deeper into: Rich Content eCommerce: Improve Product Discovery and Conversions

Checkout Tips and Tricks for WooCommerce Shop 

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use in your WooCommerce Shop

  • Hide unnecessary data or fields to avoid confusion during checkout.  Ideally, you should hide the second address field and the phone number which often causes privacy concerns for buyers. 
  • Rename the coupon field so that buyers do not navigate away from the cart in search of a coupon code. WooCommerce does not allow you to delete the field but you can rename it. 
  • Remove unnecessary page distractions.
  • Use Zipcode/ Postal-code validation to reduce the possibility of shipping errors. 
  • Provide multiple payment options at checkout to avoid card abandonment if the shopper does not have a particular payment form. 
  • Highlight trust and security seals. 
  • Add a flashing browser tab to keep your would-be buyer focused on your cart so they do not navigate away in search of information. 
  • Provide an order bump at checkout.

Customer Acquisition Analytics 

Remember that even if you do bring in more customers, you might not make more money. Sometimes the cost to get the new customers is more than you will make after you receive them. 

Final Thoughts

Your WooCommerce shop page matters! The tips provided in this article can help boost your customer acquisition and conversion.

If you would like to learn more — please contact us to learn about our all-in-one services.  We are ready to meet your tech challenges and help you with your WooCommerce store, so you can start reaping the benefits of a successful eCommerce site. 

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