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Factorylux – Magento 2 based online shop/gallery

Magento 2 online shop product configurator

category: Magento 2

Factorylux – Magento 2 based online shop/gallery is a UK Magento 2 online shop serving as a constructor of different attribute options of lighting products, resulting in generation of pdf-file with description, images and the specification code of the selected product. There is no standard checkout & shipping here, but there is a “quotation“ payment method instead (enabling the customer to request the quote for the configured product). This site is a replacement and improved version of Wordpress site (one half of the lighting manufacturer’s business runs on this site & the other half - on Magento 1.9). It is planned to replace the 2nd site with Magento 2 as well, so that two different domains be connected to a single backend and warehouse management system.

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