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Integration Magento to Amazon

Amazon is the best way to increase your online sales and improve client geography. First, it is the best eCommerce platform; secondly, it has the biggest audience in the world, which is expanding day-to-day. WebMeridian team of experienced eCommerce developers who wants to make your business fly to the stars.

  • Amazon works instead of you (FBA)Amazon’s fulfillment is a great opportunity to rid your business from hard logistics processes, investing in shipping, and maintaining the inventory. They will do this. You need to provide the best products in your online store.
  • Uploading products and product maps are accessible than ever – you can easily map your products from the Magento store to a unified category on Amazon. An even better option – you can upload it with just one click. In this case, you can transfer all the data between Magento and Amazon, creating product maps and assigning them.
  • Stock balances notifications – set a critically low stock level and get notifications about your need to fill the warehouse. This is one of the best features of Magento Amazon integration to keep your hand on the pulse.
  • Product notifications in Magento Amazon integration – Integrating Magento to Amazon, you get automatic notifications about your products and orders. Most important information you get with Magento 2 Amazon integration – timely reports of new orders which allow pick, pack, and deliver orders in time with FBA.

How We Can Help

  • Experience. We’re developing and driving eCommerce projects, and this is our main focus in the first place. We grow fast, attractive, and selling decisions for the business.
  • Expertise. All decisions are based on a deep knowledge of the developing process, respect of the client, and unique ideas for each solution.

What We Solve

Increasing Sales Volume

You can reach every country due to Amazon’s client base by Magento Amazon integration. According to Magento and Amazon’s reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to know clients much deeper than before.

Comprehensive Report Building And Both-Ways Data Flow

You get both-ways data flow, updating every second 24/7 and in-depth analysis of your store inventory, orders history, and ways to improve your pricing strategy by Magento Amazon integration. Analyzing this information helps make your clients happier and your long-term strategy better.

Improving Customer And Support Services

Amazon integration allows you to get integral business processes and opportunities to focus on your clients’ service and support in the first place. Additionally, you can develop your target audience, expand clients’ capabilities, and learn more about their preferences. All of this is possible with Magento to Amazon integration.

Reasons to Choose Rootways

  • Secure Payment Process

  • Simple Licensing

  • Professional Installation Service

  • Free Update

  • Full Open Source

  • Extensive Documentation

  • Long Term Strategy

Integrate Your Magento 2 Store With Amazon and Boost Your Sales

Synchronize Your Catalogue to Amazon

Amazon Integration for Magento 2 extension will allow you to set automatic synchronization with an unlimited number of Amazon accounts. You can add products to your Magento and export them to your Amazon account, or vice versa, create a new product on the Amazon Marketplace and import it to your website.

Manage Inventory in the Real-Time

With our extension, you will see the inventory status in real-time. So you can manage the purchase strategy and avoid running out of stock the most popular goods by placing orders with suppliers right in time.

Automatically Update Prices

Magento 2 Amazon plugin allows you to create separate price rules for the Amazon Marketplace. Also, you can offer additional discounts according to the number of goods that the user orders and support B2B clients.

Notify Managers About Low Stock Status

Set the lower limit of the number of goods in stock and email your admins whenever they need to place a new order with a supplier. This system will help you to avoid out of stock problems.

Multiple Currencies Support

You sell your products in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. So 2 store views with different languages and currencies are available on Magento 2 website.

Benefits of Integration Magento to Amazon

  • Simplify the Managing Process
  • Grow Your Sales
  • Get Error-Free Solution
  • Support from Certified Magento Developers
  • Most popular online marketplace by visitors
  • Ever-growing products catalogue
  • Market domination across numerous categories
  • Loyal and outspending Prime community
  • Great shipping opportunities

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