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Magento Integration

Trust us for all your Magento integration services. Our team of experienced techs can seamlessly conform your eCommerce platforms together with Magento ERP system integration or other programs to dramatically increase efficiency.

What We Solve

Magento ERP Integration

Resource Planning makes it easier to integrate all data from the various business processes such as customer service, marketing, inventory, accounting, and general managing. Magento is the perfect choice for eCommerce business because of its extensive modularity along with extendable API. Having the correct ERP integration is one of the key components of creating a successful online store. We can help you with data management via third party API integration.

Warehouse Management Systems

With appropriate software applications, you’ll be able to execute and support your distribution center and warehouse operations. The entire system helps back warehouse managers during their daily warehouse operations plus allows them to staff, organize, direct employees, plan, oversee web information, and store inventory inside and outside the warehouse.

CRM Integrations for Magento

Combine your CRM with Magento to truly reap impressive benefits with your eCommerce store. CRM lets you store customer behavior, metrics, purchase history, and other data to form a very meaningful analysis. Using the CRM platform, customer behavior can be tracked and recorded so you can create individual profiles for each customer.

Integration with the Shopping System

With Magento, the entire shopping system experiences integration to enhance your eCommerce shopping system. The data is ideal for creation of a personalized customer experience, market intelligence, consolidated customer database, sales optimization, lead generation and marketing activities.

Package Tracking System

Customers want to follow their orders every step of the way during the delivery process. Up-to-date order and delivery information are sure to satisfy the needs of your customers. With email and SMS notification, customers will appreciate the improvement in the package tracking system. We will help you to choose the best tracking system and help you with its Magento integration.

Benefits of Magento Integration Services

  • eCommerce professionals to connect all the necessary systems for your store
  • Easy setup process
  • The best modules in the market
  • Tailored solutions for your business

Other Services

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