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Full-Stack Magento Development

When you have made up your mind to work with a shop system and to choose Magento, all tasks can be divided into 2 groups: Frontend Magento development and Backend Magento development.

Frontend Magento development – to create elements of styling, templates, customize the general look, and feel.

Backend Magento development – to create functionality, features, and other things that program “behavior” of the shop. Backend tasks have nothing to do with the design and styling of pages.

With that, we can help you with the following range of services:

Magento Setup

Many developers or shop owners having problems with the setup of Magento online-shop and deploy to development or production infrastructure also called Dev and Prod servers. We provide DevOps and Server Administration services and also setup Magento online Shops on server infrastructure just in 3 clicks by using pre-installed scripts to deploy and activate online shop installations.

Deployment and Magento Setup could be organized as a one-time event or on a continuous basis to any kind of server infrastructure: cloud, dedicated, shared servers.

Magento Multi-Store Shops With Different Domains

We will help you expand your business to new countries using Magento multistore feature.

Magento Mobile Layout

For now, the market share of mobile shoppers is growing up to 30%, so it’s extremely important to keep mobile and tablet layouts in order. Leave it for our experts!

SOAP, REST API for Magento Shops

3rd party services? Rare payment methods? Just let us know and we’ll integrate anything that you may need!

Magento + WordPress Integration

Need a lot of landing pages, extended blogging features, or a news portal? We can easily make it work implementing Magento + WordPress integration.

Magento eBay and Amazon Integration

Magento offers many options for eBay and Amazon integration, catalog management/update/synchronization, and back and forth exchange for prices, products, invoices, orders, etc.

Magento eCommerce Development

  • Excellent Magento Developers
  • Magento 2 Migration
  • Modified Development
  • Long-term Experience
  • Proven Magento Record
  • On time, within scope
  • Critical Support
  • Bespoke Development


If you want to expand your business, enjoy the most popular online retail platforms and marketplaces for e-commerce, advertise your shop and bring global traffic to it, you must have already found out that according to Amazon and eBay have about 500 million active users worldwide (310 million users for Amazon and 164 million for eBay). So, if you already have products to sell at Amazon or eBay and have already built your private shop, if you want to reduce the fees you pay to marketplace platforms, integrate your shop with these services to increase your revenue.


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