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Magento server configuration

Is your Magento store running slow? Our server side experts will give it a pair of wings!


Server Support provided by professionals will give you the following (will take 6-8 hours per month):

  • Site availability check (24/7)
  • Check server for resources availability (24/7)
  • Logs check (one time a week)
  • Checking the website for viruses (report to the email)
  • Backups check
  • Server security check
  • Updating the software on the server (2 times a week)
  • Checking the application code and making suggestions for improvement of its security (kernel versions, patches)
  • Resetting of all passwords (every 6 months)


It is worth noting that installation of a site availability monitoring system (made upon a site owner’s request) takes only about 4 hours.


If reading some of our articles you have found that the reason for poor performance of your web store may be hidden in the server, the solution is easy. To improve performance it is necessary to configure the server and move the web shop to it. Approximately it will take:

  • for a server without the Panel – 8-12 hours
  • for a server with the Panel – 10-12 hours
  • for a server (VestaCP) – 8-10 hours.