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Magento 2 Commerce Cloud – Core Features and Benefits

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Magento 2 Commerce Cloud is a solution for merchants seeking to develop an online store but does not wish to manage their own infrastructure. The cloud option is not only a rising trend, but it is also cheap and allows for easy site development.

If you decide you are going to use a cloud-based solution, consider the Magento platform. The service stands out as the best option for an online store. Since its launch in 2016, it has only increased in popularity

We can describe Magento’s cloud as a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS). The solution brings you several special and convenient features, and the added convenience of the best of Amazon Web Services.

As a merchant, you can gain a lot from a managed service, by gaining superb security, optimized performance, scalable storefronts, valuable integrations, and lowered costs. In this article, we will find out more about what is available, why Magento 2 Commerce Cloud is a great option, and how it can benefit you.

Magento Editions. Choose the Best One for Your Business

As with many of the services offered by Magento, there are editions tailored for a merchant of any size. Understanding the editions is a great first step, to learn what will be best for you.

Each of the editions has its own Magento features, arranged in an incremental way to offer more features, the higher you go.

Let us find out what each edition offers and what benefits you get, from working with Magento 2.

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Magento 2 Open-Source Edition

If you are a startup, developing business, or small store, Magento Open-Source Edition may be your best bet. This edition was known as Magento 2 Community Edition. The platform is available for free to download and install.  

Admin users can configure it to meet their company’s requirements. Some of the advanced functionality is not readily available on this level. To augment the basic features offered by the Magento Open-Source Edition, admins can use modules designed by Magento.

Magento 2 Commerce Edition

Magento Commerce is a great option for stores that experience high traffic, have a large catalogue of products, enjoy a wide presence, possess some level of complexity in business processes, or is a B2B enterprise.  

This version was formerly known as Magento 2 Enterprise. It comes with high-quality features out-of-the-box, smooth third-party integrations, and room to customize in a highly scalable way.

As a user of this, you will also get 24/7 email support if you run into any tricky or convoluted parts.

Some of the notable features you will enjoy are:

  • Customizable catalogues;
  • Customer support;
  • Corporate account management;
  • Credit management for the company;
  • Price lists.

There are also tools for fast ordering, processing orders or asking for a quote. All of these are important if you are running a sizable business with many moving parts.

One of the most well-liked Magento features in this edition is something called ‘Content Staging.’ With this capability, you will be able to create, preview, and schedule a wide variety of content updates, using the admin panel.  

Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Edition

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition is a great option for large companies with many complex processes and moving parts. This is the most flexible edition with a multitude of features and options. It covers everything, offering users unlimited control and an unmatched admin experience.

Not only is this Edition managed, but it is also automated as an ultimate cloud solution for eCommerce. All the Magento 2 Commerce features are included, with more additional ones for unmatched value.

The Magento Commerce Cloud Edition’s unique features are:

  • Cloud infrastructure hosting;
  • Git integration and environments for development, staging, and live production;
  • The ability to code, test and deploy across all environments.

The performance level here is smoother and better for both developers and admins.  

Unique Features of  Magento 2 Commerce Cloud 

In a market full of cloud offerings, what makes Magento’s Cloud offering unique? Well, there are many benefits a merchant gets when using the platform. Borrowing from customer feedback, advancements in the market, and the best of cloud solutions, Magento 2 cloud offers a flexible solution that also comes with the following benefits:

Hosted on the Cloud

The three-second rule applies to how fast your website opens up. The development process is what determines how fast your site will be. If you opt for a managed option like Magento 2 Cloud, you get all the benefits of the platform, plus cloud hosting advantages.  

What is the big deal with cloud hosting anyway? Let’s find out what the perks are.

  • It is built for Magento, meaning that all the optimizations are meant to make sure your system runs with no glitches or compatibility issues.
  • Magento 2 has regular security updates and fixes to make sure that both old and new threats are kept at bay and your business continuity is not threatened.  
  • Being in the cloud (Amazon Web Services) brings benefits that include dedicated support.
  • There is access to 24/7 assistance with any questions about apps and infrastructure
  • Being a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) allows the creation and hosting of one-of-a-kind apps.
  • The whole thing can be scaled to accommodate your business as it grows.
  • Special tools make it easy to do things like make an SEO-optimized mobile website in an incredibly short time.

Consider hosting in the cloud for an experience unlike any other.


ECE-tools comprise a set of scripts and tools that can be used to manage and deploy Magento 2 Cloud projects. With ECE-tools, some of the tasks like deploying in a Docker environment, verifying configurations,  applying patches and fixes, become quite easy to do.

You can use the tools to:

  • Build and deploy apps;
  • Access the full functionality and configuration for Docker environments;
  • Display detailed information about cloud variables in any cloud environment;
  • Verify the environment configurations.

With ECE tools, the ease of use is enhanced, so that development, deployment, and other backends are simplified.  

Administrative Suite

The administration suite is clean, uncluttered, and comes equipped with an intuitive and organized layout. The colour scheme gives it a modern look with pleasant colours.

From the panel, you can access information like lifetime sales, last orders, search terms, and average order value, among other stats. The admin area is where you get into the nitty-gritty details of your site. Depending on what edition you go with, you could have basic control or total control over everything that happens.

Level-up Your Business with Magento 2 Cloud

To understand the appeal of Magento 2 Commerce Cloud, we must look at the ways this option could take your eCommerce to the next level.

Fast Production Deployment

Adding projects to Magento Cloud used to be hard because there were 3 git repositories for integration, staging, and production environments. They are not combined for faster deployment.

Page Speed Enhancements

Not only is the platform built for Magento, but it is also optimized to ensure that your site runs smoothly all the time. The entire hosting stack is designed to give you high availability, auto-scaling, fast pages, CDN access, traffic management, and other enhancements.

Scalability and Easy Customization

Magento Commerce Cloud Pro is optimized to allow scaling on a level you will not find anywhere. Scaling features include order archiving, scalable backend product management, MySQL customer support, and multiple master servers. You can also add extensions and build your own features easily.  


The responsibilities that fall on a merchant as pertains to security, are minimal. Stay updated and you will be protected. Magento has measures like a Web Application Firewall to ensure that you never have to worry about breaches. All the security is free and comes with the platform as a standard feature.

Improved Performance and Available Memory

Magento Cloud works on one of the most advanced cloud infrastructures on the planet: Amazon Web Services. Before this, Magento used C3 servers, which were good at the time but not today. Now, the platform is on the M4 family of servers, with optimization for REDIS Cache, Elastic Search, MySQL buffers, and other performance-oriented facets. The available memory offered by M4 servers stands at 100%.

Cost of Ownership

Mid-sized merchants will find that paying for a Magento license is worth the cost. Magento Commerce Cloud has the advantage of hosting, support, a sophisticated admin suite, and other features that would have needed developers or service agents. In addition to the superb Magento features, there’s security and timely updates.

Magento vs Shopify

Shopify stands out as one of the premier choices for merchants because it offers to host your site, optimize it for performance, and deliver security updates and patches. It has all the standard fare you are familiar with but does not have the flexibility offered by Magento Cloud since you cannot access the code. Shopify vs Magento 2, is not a contest. Magento 2 is highly advanced and flexible.

Magento vs Woocommerce

Both Magento and WooCommerce pack a punch in terms of popularity and features. This is where choice becomes about what you intend to do with your store, not just today, but in the future.

Each merchant has unique needs and will have to make a choice based on solid research and a keen accounting for the unique needs. In pitting Magento vs WooCommerce, you have to look at how much flexibility you want and how complex your business is, to make a great decision.

Here’s a brief comparison of the three:

Platform Architecture Cloud-based architecture on Amazon Web Services Proprietary cloud WooCommerce works in the WordPress ecosystem
Level of Security Advanced security Security is standard Security is basic
Bulk Data Transfer Available Available Available
Level of control You have unlimited access to the source code There is no access to the shared code There is some access but mostly not.
Storefronts Multiple allowed Multiple allowed Multiple allowed

Why Should You Choose Magento 2 Commerce Cloud?

When you calculate the cost of good hosting, useful features, support, and flexibility, Magento Cloud stands out as a very budget-friendly option. Many of the eCommerce merchants who come to us agree that Magento Cloud costs less than their pre-Magento Cloud hosting costs.

With the platform, you will enjoy great features with full support from the staff. 

Here’s why it is a prefered choice for many merchants looking to set up an eCommerce store:

  1. It is open-source, allowing you to make changes and additions as you wish. The higher the tier, the more you get in terms of features.
  2. It comes with many rich features that allow a store to have diversity in user experience and development. 
  3. With high scalability, the platform is capable of supporting businesses of any size without being overkill or underwhelming. 
  4. The security levels of Magento are unmatched. You will get basic security on many other platforms but if you are looking for something advanced, then this platform is your best bet. 
  5. SEO is hard to do, which is why the SEO optimizations on the platform are a godsend for most merchants who would benefit from the traffic good SEO sends their way. 
  6. The ability to open several stores with multi-lingual support is great for businesses that operate in more than one country and cater to each base properly. 
  7. This cloud platform offers high performance to users when compared with most of the other options. If you want the ‘ultra-modern experience with ‘next-gen’ capabilities, this is where you want to be. 

All in all, you are looking at one of the most flexible and robust eCommerce choices in the market.

Key Takeaways

Since it is very flexible, easy-to-use, and scalable, you can build a complete eCommerce store on Magento frameworks. A developer can add just about anything to the site, customize everything according to their own vision of the site, and enjoy creative and administrative control that is not available on many platforms.

Our development team knows how to leverage the open-source nature of Magento 2 Commerce Cloud‘s core, the flexibility of its framework, the built-in SEO optimizations, the responsive nature of the architecture, and scalability. 

If you pair the offering Magento Cloud gives you and the development team we have, you have the beginnings of a perfect recipe for eCommerce success. Talk to an eCommerce expert!

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