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How to Optimise Your Magento Website for Voice Search

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As a leading eCommerce platform, Magento has a reputation for going the extra mile by trying out new and exciting things. Voice search is an innovative technology that Magento has started to focus on recently. With voice search, merchants and shoppers enjoy a smoother, easier, and more enjoyable shopping experience. 

With the debut of Magento 2 ( a step-up from Magento 1), they have focused on offering a premium experience with all the bells and whistles. You’ll enjoy a bevvy of features and functions that are an upgrade. The scalable eCommerce solutions meet the needs of the business, both large and small. Magento 2 migration is a remarkably easy transition that is very straightforward in nature and poses few problems.

With the assistance of a skilled Magento developer, your eCommerce site will be able to enjoy the migration services, and the team will optimise the website for voice search. 

How Does Voice Search Affect Magento 2 SEO? 

With voice search, a would-be shopper uses a simple voice command to launch a search on an app, website, or internet without using typing. This form of search has become exceedingly popular with mobile users who do not want to type in the search term.

The process is remarkably fast and easy.

Young adults, teens, and tweens all adore the feature. Even elderly people who can’t see a screen well like to use their voice to look for things. Also, it is great for individuals who are unsure of how to spell a particular word or who want their hands free for something else and do not want to be tied to a keyboard or keypad. 

As verbal queries increase in popularity, smart devices are emerging to meet the public’s demands. Mobile device usage is skyrocketing. Virtual assistant AI technologies such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are rising to the challenge to meet the needs of consumers.

Clearly, the playing field is changing fast as everyone scrambles to meet the needs of users who want to search the internet, mobile applications, and websites faster and easier, using only the power of a verbal question or phrase. Websites and eCommerce owners are working hard to optimise their websites so enable Google voice search.

Magento 2 helps make the transition easy. 

Mobile Optimisation 

Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone, and many people are shopping on them. Voice queries carried out by portable devices and smartphones are increasing substantially. In a 2020 voice search report, data showed that about 20 per cent of all searches carried out on mobile are via voice. 

About 25 per cent of the queries that the public carried out were performed using Android devices. Most were verbally activated. It is imperative that your eCommerce website be mobile-friendly and completely accessible using a multitude of devices. Just about everyone owns a tablet, smartphone, and laptop.

Remember, you want to reach clients across all spectrums, so consider how your customers will be reaching your site and what devices they will use.

Every eCommerce site should be mobile friendly nowadays. Are your customers going to use a computer or smartphone?  Maybe a tablet?  Now use all the tools at your disposal to meet their needs so you can convert them to loyal customers

User-Friendly Navigation for mCommerce

Speed Optimisation

Speed optimisation is imperative in today’s rapid satisfaction in seeking society.

Using a responsive and adaptive design is a necessity. Fast loading web pages, optimised photos, and videos are all part of the necessary process to ensure your optimum page ranking to enjoy an oral query. Once the site is mobile-friendly, you can then turn to online tools such as Google page speed and or try a webpage test so that you can evaluate your mobile webpage for performance.

Without a doubt, the quick tools are handy assets that can make your entire online presence more fulfilling, so you reach a greater audience and keep your customers happy. 

With the tools, you’ll gain a detailed report outlining your site’s performance. You’ll also have suggestions on how to improve performance. Once you take the time to study the report, you’ll handle the changes you need to undertake to stay on top.

Always remember, one of the greatest things you can do to promote your site is to make sure that the speed is sufficient.

No one wants to shop on a slow eCommerce site

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Get to Google Zero Position Blocks 

What does it mean to be in the zero position?

This simply refers to the fact that Google rates the answer as the leading (number one/best) choice for a voice hunt. You want this for your site to come up first when someone uses voice search to find something. 

The block was devices so that users can quickly see their answer without ever needing to go the extra step and click on the website link. This is a great perk because it lets Google quickly and easily index millions of web pages. 

Now you are probably wondering how to get the coveted zero position. Here are a couple of tips that might help you score the lead zero position:

  • Use only keywords and requisitions that feature what is referred to as zero blocks.
  • Try to use the main keyword within any question that you intend on answering.
  • Write out targeted and short answers to questions using concise bullets or lists. 

Tips on Magento 2 Website Optimisation for Voice Search 

Discovering the tricks on how to optimise your website for voice search is essential nowadays. If you don’t embrace the technology, then your eCommerce site will more than likely be left beyond as other sites will sail to the lead positions over yours in a Google search. 

You don’t want to be left in the dust, so it is definitely time to look at going more verbal because it’s probably the wave of the future and set to outpace everything else. 

Everyone has a smartphone attached to their hand. It is their go-to tool when they are on the road or shopping. It offers quick rewards with any search queries. People use Siri or some other voice-activated features on their phone to hunt for a variety of things, so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that they are now using verbal queries to find what they seek and shop for the best deals. It is imperative that you roll that ease over into how your eCommerce store works to really become a leading eCommerce site. 

No one wants to sit and type in a search query.

Your thumbs get tired on your small phone. Everyone wants to just talk to their phone and have it respond accordingly. Activating your site to take verbal queries is a great step in the right direction to appeal to smartphone shoppers. 

Below we will examine a few tips on Magento 2 optimisation for voice search. 

Opportunities for eCommerce - Voice Search

Keyword Research 

Using keywords is essential so that your shoppers can find what they are seeking.

You’ll want to create content that contains the keywords, so they can quickly answer the searchers’ queries. As a critical component, keywords are the icing on the cake with your website optimisation for both a regular search engine search and verbal queries. 

Try to research and learn how to identify the best long-tail keywords, so you can use them where needed. You want words that are specific because you’ll find that they have lower competition than certain so-called high volume search terms.

The long-tail keywords can help your website spring ahead in a search. Search engines use them to categorise things. 

They say to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. There is no better way to achieve that task than to figure out what they are looking for when they turn to a search engine to shop. You’ll want to grasp your target market so you can get a handle on your potential customer base. Once you know what they are searching for, and you can capitalise on it.

Using depth and information content, you can easily match their search queries, so they enjoy a remarkably fulfilling experience when visiting your site using their mobile device or computer. 

You’ll find several free and some premium purchase-only tools that can help you look for the important search terms that you can use on your eCommerce site. The tools even show you search volumes. They are highly beneficial when focusing on keywords and search engine optimisation (SEO).  Once you discover the terms, add them onto your site on the landing pages, product descriptions, the about us section, FAQ, and within any blog posts. 

SEO Tips on how to optimise your website for voice search


Remember, to stay on top of the game, you should post blog posts every week. Each one needs to contain keywords and long-tail keywords. They can also have links to your products and outbound links to reputable sites, so that Google sits up and takes notice. 

Now it’s time to truly prioritise and identify the high volume keywords and for which your competition is ranking for.

With these tricks, you can optimise your site for verbal search capabilities along with search engine result pages (SERPs). It’s amazing how a few keywords can skyrocket your site to the top of Google search results.

Without a doubt, it’s an easy way to spring ahead of the competition, so you gain new customers.

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Use Natural Language 

Using free-flowing, all-natural language is how everyone uses a voice search.

Honestly, people just talk into the device without a lot of thought. They are not typical search terms found in a standard, boring web search. Yes, it’s true that identifying the long tail and focused conversational queries is necessary, but you have to change it a little to consider speech.

Using certain keywords will help you tailor your content for the longer and more intricate voice search queries that people like to use who are using voice-enabled technology. Basically, it understands how people speak in real life. Whether you have a Scottish brogue or a Southern drawl, you use certain words in your region that stand out from others. Everyone has their own dialect traits and mannerisms during a conversation. They use those when performing a search that can complicate things if you aren’t gearing things up to accept a natural language and nothing too textbook or complicated. 

Try to study or analyse how people ask questions.

You might have to do a little detective work, but it can be fun. Head to a social media site like Facebook. You’ll find the best information in social media groups or online forums. In such locations, you can garner an idea of how people will search for a product or service that you are offering on your Magento website. Local dialect matters.

Once you have an idea, you can incorporate the conversational and flowing language into your content to gain top ranking based on the voice results. 

Your Website is Mobile Friendly 

Statista reports that mobile sales will eventually reach 70 per cent. Google claims that as many as 27 per cent of all users extensively use a verbal hunt, especially on their mobile devices. Mobile-first indexing via Google is a way to optimise things, so your Magento 2 store stays on the first page of any search results thanks to modern voice search technology. 

Here are the steps you should take to mobile optimise your eCommerce store

  • Tailor a mobile version of your eCommerce store site.
  • Run tests to check for a variety of things, such as mobile speed loading.
  • Focus on any necessary improvements to maximise loading and speed. 
  • Evaluate the website’s design to take into consideration UX. Remember, all the pages of your eCommerce site should be easy and convenient for users.
  • Synchronise all responses of both the mobile and desktop, so redirects are configured.
  • Look over your sitemap, so you can see how Google bot views them (think indexes and crawls) for the mobile pages.
  • Make sure that the metadata and desktop content are identical for mobile devices.
  • Regularly carry out and evaluate various speed tests, so you can verify that all your changes are functioning and have been adequately introduced. 

Using PWA technology along with AMP extensions, help make the mobile pages on your website lightweight and fast. AMP pages are known to load at a rate of 85 per cent more speed than those that are non-AMP. You can also create AMP versions for the CMS pages.

Focus on Local Searches 

Most mobile searches are conducted using location-specific criteria.

People want to hunt the area where they live, work, or are visiting. It seems that people look for regional service providers within their vicinity more often than not. Ideally, you should optimise your Magento eCommerce site, so you’re serving the local town folks. You’ll want to formulate a localised SEO strategy using your business’s regional information and adding it to the Google My Business listing.  The process is remarkably easy and very rewarding so that you can capture local business. 

You’ll verify your locations and keep your hours of operation up-to-date.

You’ll also want to respond to reviews. Think about launching a local social page to also push traffic back to your eCommerce site. Posting regularly and interacting with your loyal customers is a great way to instil confidence in your products and website. 

Take the time to add quality photos to your website. People are very visual, and having exceptional photos of your products really does matter to shoppers. Look at your store locator pages and make sure they are optimised, so you’ll pull in those performing a local search.  You can even put local photos on your website, which is a very nice perk. 

By focusing on those searching locally, you not only optimise your site for anyone looking for local providers, but you also help promote a local verbal inquiry.

You reap the benefits of both perks. 

Why Should You Consider Adding Voice Search to Magento 2 Online Store? 

Google data has revealed that voice search is booming.

41 per cent of adults extensively use it, and 55 per cent of teens in America turn to a verbal hunt. Clearly, adding voice activation hunt capabilities to your Magento 2 online store is going to bring in customers and increase your sites ranking substantially.

You should never underestimate how much of an asset such a simple thing can become in how well your eCommerce site does. 


Many people prefer using voice activation hunting over text, especially the following:

  • Individuals with physical disabilities struggle to type.
  • People who suffer from learning disabilities or a cognitive decline
  • Youngsters who have not learned writing or correct spelling
  • Anyone who is unable to successfully use a keyboard or mouse because of limitations such as a broken hand or arm. 


Anyone can quickly enter the information or speak the command, and it will operate much quicker than waiting to enter it into the device manually.

Response time is much quicker when using your voice. People want quick satisfaction, and the only way to provide such an uplifting experience is by offering speed. If the searcher is made to wait, then the chances are good that they will navigate away from your site and go somewhere else with a faster response. 


You can use voice hunting capabilities on the go, in the car, or anywhere that a laptop keyboard or keypad is not available. Nowadays, most smart speakers have AI, so when they discover that a person has a pet or uses some other item, they will remind the user to add it to their cart on a monthly or weekly basis. 

One of the hottest tools in a house in the United States and other parts of the world are AI devices like Alexa. Even students are using them for schoolwork. 

Create Blog Posts Answering Your Consumers’ Questions 

To truly use keywords that target those using voice searchers, you can create a question and answer blog posts on your site. You can also tailor blog posts that answer the consumers the most pressing questions. 

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Final Thoughts

If you want your Magento 2 site tailored for voice search, then please contact us.

We are experts in tech and business consulting. We offer all-in-one services. Our tech team is here to meet any challenge for your new online or offline business and brands. 

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