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How to Choose Proper Hosting Parameters and Provider for Magento Shop?

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What May Be Wrong With the Hosting Parameters and Provider?

Often small webstores owners choose hosting for themselves without an expert piece of advice and make mistakes. Let’s try to figure it out why it is so crucial for a website to have a comprehensive approach to hosting provider.

When talking about Magento, you would better pay a few bucks more for a quality hosting provider than lose much more when encountering database errors, loading problems, or poor performance if going to the cheapest one. Believe it or not, this is not the case when cheap means the same reliable
Before giving any piece of advice, we are about to work out all the typical mistakes when choosing hosting:

  • small operative memory;
  • one hosting for different sites;
  • different CMSs
  • weak processor;
  • old hard drive;
  • the lack of access to the body and software of the server.

Each mistake when making a choice may cost you money and reputation

Managed or Self-Service Hosting?

Let’s make it clear: when choosing managed hosting, the hosting provider is responsible for all the server updates or solving some issues, but at the same time you will probably have difficulty with installing some software you would like to use for the Magento shop – either you will be denied in installing or it will cost you much money; self-service means you take care about your server by yourself, although you can install or remove any types of software you need.

Going further we take into consideration a middle-sized Magento shop which needs to be fast and be able to handle the traffic peaks during the promotion or some marketing offers, or holiday sales.

At the stage of hosting provider choice for average Magento shop consider next options:

  • RAM (it should be more than 8 GB) 8 GB
  • the number of processor cores and the processor model itself (Intel I7 + is recommended) Intel® Xeon® or Intel I7
    2-4 CORE and more powerful
  • type of hard disk: today it is crucial to buy SSD Hard Disk instead of HHD SSD
  • the availability of root access for your hosting
  • access from the root user to the core of your server software

If you decide to follow the recommendations above, you will come to the conclusion that the best option for the Magento shop would be a dedicated server. This type of hosting is expensive, but it has the pros on its side, other ones lack. With the dedicated server, the Magento shop will get a maximal performance and optimal speed loading while handling traffic peaks and ensuring the security of the shop.

Once, there is a need to host multiple stores on one server the best idea would be to buy hosting with the possibility of virtualization. And here’s why – it will allow you to install the software for each individual website (separate cells containing the websites) on the server.

Final Thoughts

When having or starting a Magento shop, just imagine that the hosting choice is the same as the bricks choice for the built shop. Make sure it is reliable, know exactly what your needs are, do the research, ask about capabilities and security. If you are still lost or not sure about what option would work perfect for you, we are ready to guide you at

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