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List of eCommerce Online Conferences to Attend in 2020-2021

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As a participant in the eCommerce market, it is crucial to stay ahead of the times and keep up with industry news and technology. Without it, you could miss out on a new wave of trends and ideas that could be fruitful in the long run.

One of the ways to stay updated is to ensure that you attend eCommerce online conferences. There, you will meet participants from all levels of the eCommerce market. Every professional who works in the industry will be represented there.

Some of the benefits you will get from attending the conferences include:

  1. Learning about trends – Modern trends and fads are the selling point in many eCommerce markets. Fashion drives almost everything. Technology is also a part of trends. Ride the wave by finding out what people like, just as it starts so you can keep your customers and attract new ones.
  2. Meeting people like you – It is an eCommerce conference, after all. You can share ideas, listen to talks given by industry experts, and share your experiences as well. Case studies from successful eCommerce gurus can be a great source of information to help your business strategy. There are people in your space who are performing better. Meet them and learn how you can move up.
  3. Networking opportunities – The conferences are a great place to meet people who have the same interests as you and hopefully meet some who can work with you to make sure that your eCommerce venture performs even better. Networks are the backbone of eCommerce as they ensure that you meet and work with the right people. Building a network at one of these conferences/conventions is easy. Take these opportunities to expand your circle.

Now that we have covered why you need to go and what you can get, let’s look at some of the conferences you can attend in the 2020/2021 timeline.

EHI Connect (November 3rd-4th)

  • EHI Omnichannel days experience;
  • eCommerce fulfillment;
  • Future trends;
  • Opportunities.

The program is released for the participants who want to be taught how to implement Google Shopping and benefit from it. There will also be clarity about how this channel can be useful to you and what the future looks like for the retail food industry.

Price: €595 – €690.

B2B Digital Master Convention (November 10th-11th)

The event is dedicated to the B2B eCommerce world, featuring industry experts, practical examples, and successful companies. Get the crucial insights to develop great strategies in all sectors, great tactics to grow, and customer service efficiency.

There will be a wide range of case studies in the lectures to make points very clear. Learn how to enhance your B2B experience with actionable information.

Price: Free.

CommerceNext: Marketing Summit Series (January 20th, 27th, and February 3 rd)

The CommerceNext virtual summit will take place in January and February. The aim is to help retailers and direct-to-consumer businesses start 2021 on a high note. The event will take place over three Wednesdays.

Attendees will get:

  • Live-streamed sessions;
  • Roundtable discussions about critical elements of retail and eCommerce marketing strategy;
  • Keynotes from retail leaders;
  • Original marketing trends research;
  • Panel discussions;
  • Discussions with industry peers.

Find out more during the summit.

Price: Not yet listed.

Product Marketing Summit (January 14th – November 18th)

The summit is perhaps the largest gathering of Product Marketing Managers who bring expertise combining product, marketing, and sales. The conferences take place for most of the year in different locations around the US and the UK.

Most of the attendees include startups worldwide, who share their product marketing experiences, challenges, successes, and speakers from the world’s largest companies.

Price: Details vary from location to location.

eCommerce Berlin Expo (February 18th)

With over 180 exhibitors, 50 speakers, and networking with more than 8000 participants, this expo is an illuminating event. If you have something to show, you can book exhibition space on the official website.

The expo focuses on B2B and is perfect for eCommerce service providers. The expo works with strong industry associations like Handlerbund e.V, IAB Europe, BDOA, Internet Retailing, and BVEH to give you practical insight from successful industry leaders.

Price: Free for general attendees and visitors.

White Label World Expo Europe (February to October)

White Label World Expo Europe is another event sharing many similarities with the Berlin Expo. The show planned will bring:

  • Amazon Pro Sellers Keynote;
  • Opportunities and Investment Theatres;
  • Online Strategy Keynote;
  • Business Connections;
  • Business Growth Keynote.

Find out how you can thrive in the absolute jungle of the eCommerce world. The experts have tips on how to rank higher, grow, and optimize your operations.

Find out when the expo will be near you from the official website.

Price: Free.

Merchantday (Starts from May 6th)

This mega-event is one that combines advantages like expert lectures, networking, and first-class knowledge transfer. The lineup consists of experts, hundreds of participants with Expo booths.

It is, inarguably, the largest Amazon conference in the area. Here, you will be able to meet many people you can work with and thrive. If you live in Germany, make plans to attend and see what you can gain from this.

Price: Check the official website for updates.

Grow New York (June 22nd-23rd)

Grow New York is one of the fastest-growing retail conferences in North America. On this day, you can collaborate with more than 600 D2C participants and online brands. The setting is more authentic, more relevant, and more valuable than your average conference.

The attendees say it is one of the best conferences that they have ever attended. You can meet influential founders, tech providers, marketers, and investors in almost every retail category. The event status cannot be confirmed due to the pandemic, but you can get info from the website.

Price: Check the official website.

Digital Food & Beverage (July 20th-21th)

In a diverse industry, market players face all kinds of challenges. The agenda of this event is to talk about those challenges. The speakers are seasoned industry experts who have insights and solutions to meet customer demands and improve your engagement.

If you are in the food and beverage industry, this is the event for you.

Price: Free.

eTail (September 7th -11th)

The eTail Europe conference is specifically designed for those who want to build brand awareness and loyalty, to drive their eCommerce business forward. If you would like to know how to add a personal touch to your products, this is the event to attend.

The event has prominent speakers from big brands like Puma, TikTok, Adidas, Shiseido, Alibaba, and Dominos. The dates indicated are for the virtual Asia and Australia event.

Price: Free.

Savant eCommerce London (September 16th-17th)

Savant’s next event promises to provide a way forward for most businesses looking to adapt amid the pandemic’s brutal effects. The promotions material talks about competitiveness and relevance, profitability, and innovation, as the best eCommerce strategy to take.

You will explore all avenues of profitability, hear real-life case studies, and panel discussions by over 30 leading companies who have achieved and maintained profitability.

With 90+ retailers and brands, over 12 hours of content, and over 11 hours of networking.

Price: To be announced.

NRF: Forward Together (Starts in June)

The National Retail Federation will be in-person at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. It was moved from January to June due to the pandemic. The event will include self-guided store tours, expo tours, red carpet lounges, membership, workshops, and social events.

The January NRF show will be hosted online, though, and will feature a lot of digital exposition with great content. After 100 years, it is easy to see why the NRF annual convention is one of America’s most prominent.

Price: Free for the virtual event. For other details, check the official website.


These events are an excellent way for you to learn, network, and ensure that your business thrives. If you want to know what to pick, ask yourself what you would like to gain in attending any of these conferences. Do they have what you want? If they do, then you can give them a try. It is all about getting the most value for your time and attendance efforts.

There are even more events than the ones we have listed in this article. Some of them may be near you, and a chance to attend in-person is one you should not pass up. Networking is much easier when you can see the people you are talking to.

Broaden your network, learn new things, stay ahead of the times, and give yourself the best chance to succeed.

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