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Get a Cutting-Edge Magento 2 Mobile App in 7 Steps: Pitfalls, Trends, Costs & Tips

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Look around on any given day, and you’ll be amazed at how many people are staring at their smartphones. The mobile revolution is a very real phenomenon. 

Nowadays, people use their phones not only to stay in touch via phone calls and text but also for mobile apps – namely shopping. Everyone wants to buy things using their smartphones because the process is easy with a mobile app for eCommerce. 

Anyone online retailer who doesn’t have a mobile app is missing out on potential sales and customer retention.  The newest apps provide an abundance of bells and whistles to make completing the sale from start to finish a breeze. 

Nowadays, it is imperative for eCommerce sites to have a fully functioning mobile app for customers to peruse products and make purchases. Without full-function mobile capabilities, a store will quickly fall behind the competition. With Magento 2 mobile app development, any store can create and operate a fully functioning mobile app for their eCommerce site. However, the creation of a mobile app isn’t without its snags. Building the app for Magento does take time, and there are tricks involved, so you might want to have a tech pro on your side helping you overcome any hurdles. 

After all, you want your mobile app to be easy-to-use for your customers.

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Deeper insights lead to effective control of a dedicated development team.

Why Having a Mobile App for Your Magento 2 Website Is Highly Crucial?

A mobile app is crucial for your Magento 2 website. Yes, shoppers can typically access an eCommerce Magento store without any problem using Safari or Google Chrome with their phones, but people are notoriously lazy. They don’t want to undertake the added tasks required to go through a web browser on their way to shop. 

Instead, the ease of clicking a mobile app is favoured. 

A Magento 2 mobile app is fast and efficient. It becomes a valuable lifeline to your customer base. It gives you an untenable competitive edge against the competition.

Skift Research looked at mobile app use and compared it to mobile browsers. Without a doubt, mobile apps won hands-down. The slow speed of a mobile browser only allowed 5.7 items to be viewed by the user, but the app user was able to view 22. Also, the number of items clients added to their shopping carts using mobile apps was starkly revealing. It was shown that 13 per cent added to the basket on a browser, but 24 per cent added to the basket on the mobile app. 

Finally, on the browser, only 44 per cent completed the purchase but on the mobile app 54 per cent finalised the purchase.

The Hottest Magento Mobile App Features 

  1. Customisation
    Customisable home screen that lets you dictate how things look and feel for your eCommerce site. You’ll be able to make use of top categories, banners, viewed products, multiple products and more. Modify and position them where and how you want. Everything is easy to alter, so you can really make your own vision a reality. You just use the easy drag and drop option. 
  2. Friendly Interface
    The user-friendly interface makes shopping appealing. You can rely on one intuitive font and features like fingerprint login, Facebook, Google, and OTP. You also gear it to use a single screen checkout process, so your shoppers will experience optimum satisfaction. 
  3. Reducing Abandoned Carts
    Mobile apps have a low incident of cart abandonment. One of the key reasons why people don’t abandon their carts when using the mobile app is because all of their info is saved via the mobile app. The process is also remarkably easy to complete with just a few simple clicks. The mobile app also lets people use different forms of payment like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.
  4. Enhanced Customer Service
    A well-designed mobile app makes it easy to find contact information and reach out for customer service. This is a feature that customers appreciate. You can install a ‘call us’ button that is conveniently located right in the app. Talk about ease of contact!
  5. Improved Communication
    You can even provide live support. In addition, let your customers track each order from the minute that they hit the purchase button until they have it safely delivered by the carrier to their front doorstep. 
  6. Customer Loyalty Program
    Everyone likes a customer loyalty program, and with your own mobile app features through Magento, you can spur just such a program. Customers will experience an incentive to spend more by tailor things like ordering something from the app seven times, so your eighth buy is free. Or rewarding customers when they spend a certain threshold like $500 or $1000. 
  7. Increased Retention Rates
    Without a doubt, the mobile app for Magento 2 features is sure to impress to increase retention rates.


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Dive Deep Into Magento 2 Mobile Costs

There are different versions of Magento 2 that impact the cost. Magento 2 Open Source is free, and anyone can download it effortlessly from the website. However, you have to cover things like hosting, design, and development.

The paid Magento 2 is around $22,000 per year for licensing. With Magento 2 Commerce, you are looking at from $40,000 per year up to $190,000. 

Let’s look at Magento mobile app cost, which hovers around $2,000 with design fees. If you want it customised, then prices can reach up to $8,000, but some can keep it much lower. It just depends on how many perks you want in the app and how intricate you want the entire design to appear. Honestly, these figures are just a ballpark. There is no hard and fast rule for knowing exactly how much it’s going to cost because it ultimately depends on the app that you are envisioning. 

Without having a baseline of the cops of the project, it becomes difficult to pinpoint a steadfast cost. 

Magento Mobile App Testing Basics 

Magento Mobile App Testing Basics 

 Okay, you have probably worked hard to get to this stage, and it’s now time for you to explore mobile app testing. Are you biting your nails at the prospect of testing the mobile app? 

You want the expectations of the mobile app to be a cold-stone reality. You’ll want to come up with a testing strategy. 

Sit back and evaluate the target audience, their location, and the network coverage. You’ll need to know your app and understand it. Ensure that any testers understand exactly how the app is supposed to function, so they can tell if it over or underperforms. Multi-device testing is particularly important, so you have a clear idea of how the app functions across a plethora of gadgets and devices. Mobile app testing is usually short and hardcore. It is a no-nonsense task carried out with efficiency and expertise. 

Make sure you factor in the cost of testing right alongside development, so you don’t end up skimping. 

Key Takeaways

Magento 2 Mobile App development is no longer a perk but a must-have. It is a necessity in today’s world of smartphone use, and skimp on the mobile app might seriously hurt your eCommerce business. 

Without a doubt, the importance of an easy-operate mobile app cannot be underscored enough. It is an investment in your business’s future, and you have to be ready to dish out some greenbacks to ensure that you have a slick app that meets your customers’ needs. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to build a functioning mobile app, and it’s going to put you on top of the competition, so you should not hesitate. 

Our team of business and tech consulting experts are here to help you solve your mobile app tech challenges. We work with both new online/offline businesses to hone their services, so they return customers and grow their company with loyal customers who become return clients. 

Contact us today to learn more.


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