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Boost Sales With Astonishing Speed Like Helly Hansen Did With Magento 2 | Success Story

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The Helly Hansen brand was inspired by Helly Juell Hansen, a Norwegian sea captain who gained notoriety by protecting himself from Scandinavia’s brutal waves and bone-chilling winds. For close to 140 years, they have been the go-brand for anyone looking for clothing to tackle the globe’s harshest climates.

However, after the demise of their eCommerce platform, they had to look at new ways to boost sales, and Magento 2 became the brand’s saving grace. The platform lets them embark on their B2C and B2B sales solutions, so they could make use of new markets while reaching out in a multitude of languages to new potential clientele and currencies to boost sales.

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Basis of Helly Hansen Success

Today, Helly Hansen is a phenomenal success story with over 50 different sites that are displayed in six languages. They also offer various payment and shipping methods to meet the unique needs of their clients. With Magento 2, they have created an extraordinarily rich and vibrant brand personality with carefully crafted content and greatest storytelling which embraces their separate stores such as B2B and footwear. Even though the sites might differ in the items they sell, each one is very unified in the overall look and feel, which weaves their brand together seamlessly. The goal is always to create a unique and engaging experience that is very out-of-the-box. They even embrace third-party integrations.

The Helly Hansen brand has embraced personalised B2B clothes and crafted a very dynamic brand history. Theodor Tollefsen, Helly Hansen’s eCommerce manager, is considered a trailblazer and maverick by many with his cutting edge approach.

In a recent article by Adobe Business, Theodor Tollefsen states the following:

“We created a solution that allowed us to break into new markets easily. We now have 55 different sites with seven different language options, payment methods, and shipping rules.”

Helly Hansen - Boost Sales _ Success Story

Cutting-Edge Mobile Experience for Adventurous Buyers

Clearly, being impressive is an undeniable reality for the Hansen brand! They thrive in international waters where many businesses drown. Their marketing ideas to boost sales are noteworthy and a way that you can learn how to boost your eCommerce sales too.

One of the Hansen brand’s focus has been on enhancing and improving the mobile experience. Without a doubt, mobile shopping is on an upswing trend, and it’s time to capitalise on the world’s love affair with their smartphones. After all, phones are no longer just for texting and talking. Nowadays, people are using their phones to shop and complete purchases at a faster rate than has ever been seen before.

Improving the customer journey is one way to embrace the mobile experience. Hansen has wanted to focus on making a personalised shopping experience for every customer.

  1. The first step in achieving their goal has been to bring together the 30 plus Helly Hansen sites and combine their 35,000 plus products offered at each store.
  2. The next crucial part of Hansen’s mission has been to catalogue the 35,000 products.
  3. Then give the shopper language options, shipping choices, payment options and more. They offer very localized content and let shoppers know about product availability in 19 countries that they serve.
  4. Overall, the goal of the mobile experience is to ensure that everything runs in syncs like a finely oiled machine that needs all its parts to function, whether in Europe or America.

Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Well, with Magento 2, it is all doable, and the Helly Hansen brand has used the platform with stunning success. All we can say is — ‘hats off to Helly Hansen for your success’.

The words of  Chris Hammond, Chief Digital Officer of Helly Hansen, explained things the best:

“The first year was rough, but now it’s a fairly easy platform to work with. Being on the cloud and having the ability to be stable and have good uptime during huge traffic peaks is great. We now have more than 50 stores on the cloud installation in seven languages, with 35,000 products per store. Each of the stores has different options, payment methods, shipping rules, localized content, product availability, and eCommerce. We’ve experienced incredible growth.”

Helly Hansen - Boost Sales _ Success Story - 1


Magento 2 mobile app development has been the passport to success for Hansen.

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Adobe Products That Enhance Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen started to focus on a content management system – Adobe Experience Manager. They merged their loyalty program with their marketing campaigns. Best of all, Adobe has helped them ensure they do not need to cope with individual pages and the varying languages. With Adobe Manager, everything is placed in its place at the proper time, and it takes only a simple click of a mouse to roll it all out. Everything is remarkably time-saving.

Experience Manager Sites

In addition, Hansen is also using Adobe XD in combination with the Adobe Experience Manager. They believe strongly that the move increased their refinement, fine-tuned their brand awareness, and supplied great purchase consideration, which was entirely a win-win in every aspect for the brand. The use of Adobe XD along with Adobe Experience Manager are both great marketing ideas to boost sales.

Experience Manager Assets

With Adobe’s much-publicized acquisition of Magento, a much broader suite of application systems is now at your disposal. The integration is like a well-oiled machine that saves massive amounts of valuable time and energy. Product pages and content can be easily crafted to focus on tremendously important things to boost sales.

Magento 2 Commerce

With Magento 2, content and storytelling come to life. Hansen has combined their Magento Solution partner, along with Magento Order Management (OM) and Magento Commerce (Cloud), to achieve success.

Hammonds states the following about Magento 2 Commerce:

“Magento has given us the power to create unique, and engaging customer shopping experiences. There are many rich, out-of-the-box features and seamless third-party integrations we can utilize.”

Boost Sales with Astonishing Speed like Helly Hansen Did with Magento 2

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Magento 2 in Helly Hansen

Through the use of Magento 2, Helly Hansen has truly crafted a marvellously unique online shopping experience for their customers.

What are the results of the Hansen approach? They are no less than amazing and beyond impressive.

  • 24 per cent increase in traffic;
  • 48 per cent increase in mobile traffic;
  • 45 per cent revenue increase.

Since using Magento 2, Hansen has experienced substantial growth.

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The success of Helly Hansen is impressive. They set out with a goal to increase their eCommerce platform, boost sales, and take the business to new heights. By coupling their endeavours with their ambition and using Adobe and Magento 2, they achieved groundbreaking strides.

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