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Top 10 Extensions for Magento Shops

The online-commerce is booming, but customers are getting more and more demanding and often stop the buying process in case of the slightest inconvenience. Using Magento, you already have a huge advantage as an online…

By WebMeridian Team

December 12, 2016

Default Magento Checkout vs One Step Checkout

The checkout page on your Magento eCommerce site is extremely important for your business and especially for your customers. Many users do not know the difference between the default Magento checkout and the Magento extension,…

By WebMeridian Team

March 10, 2016

Best Way to Configure Magento & Google Analytics Reporting

A large number of Magento store owners do not utilize all the fantastic eCommerce features that are built-in with Google Analytics. These features include eCommerce tracking, conversion, and goal-related tracking, demographics, visitor segmentation, and funnel…

By WebMeridian Team

November 20, 2014