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Analysis and consulting

If you already have a functioning shop and you don’t feel it works 100 % properly, ask professionals to review your e-commerce platform and provide the list of specific optimizations that can detect and remove bugs or problems as well as improve conversion.

We are focused on e-commerce platforms

We pay special attention to the development, conversion and UI/UE optimizations

We work only with particular programming languages and e-commerce platforms

We can guarantee the best result and prove we are responsible for our work


If you have problems with your store or questions about either performance or conversion, ask our team to conduct analysis and provide the detailed list of things to be improved.

We can help you to:

  1. choose the right hosting and server parameters
  2. choose or improve design or theme
  3. figure out performance problems
  4. boost online shop and improve loading time
  5. increase conversion rate
  6. improve SEO settings for Magento
  7. process and handle orders
  8. setup payment and shipping methods

You will get the list of ToDos and our detailed report regarding the things that work wrong and can be improved.