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9 Must-Have Features for an Online Sports Store | Pillars of High Conversion Rate

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If you own an online sports store, then your goal is probably to push up sales. After all, who doesn’t want to own and operate a successful and thriving eCommerce business?  Nike currently uses Magento for its online sports store. 

You want to reach more customers, create a loyal base, and grow your sales by leaps and bounds. 

So, what do you need for success?

The first step is to develop a strategy to help you achieve your google and increase conversion. We have compiled a helpful list of the 9 top features that you need to grow your sales goals successfully.

#1. Navigation 

Shoppers do not want websites that are complicated and hard to navigate. 

They want to arrive at your landing page or product pages and immediately launch a search. In fact, Forrester research carried out a study that showed clearly that 43 per cent of all eCommerce shoppers use the search box right out of the gate without hesitation. 

They want to see that search box displayed right there on the page and not have to hunt for it. If they can easily navigate to the search box, then you are well you want to make the coveted conversion. 

Do not hesitate to use a mega-menu to proudly display things to your shoppers on the navigation website. Also, don’t be shy about using quick links to direct your shoppers where you want them to go. 

#2. Filters & Layered Navigation

Picture a price slider and filters for a layered navigation website. When creating a sports store website, you’ll want to present filters and then display images for demonstration. In addition, you can list other attributes and sports-related things that will partner well. A picky shopper can choose one attribute that they want and then depend on the system to carry a filtered search to present only choices with the single attribute. 

Most shoppers love the ease of this feature, so they can quickly and effortlessly find what they seek. 

 Using similar parameters, you can also create layered navigation on product pages—couple them with a price slider and any other attributes. Make sure everything fits nicely in the mega menu. Use the Magento layered navigation filter to achieve your goals quickly and effortlessly. Consider using images to showcase the filters. You can also locate the filters within the sidebar, which is in an easy-to-locate area of the screen where your shoppers will readily see and use the feature. 

The best online sports store navigation

 #3. Needs & Sports Goods Matching 

We have covered the importance of filters, especially those located in the sidebar, to direct the buyer to the product. You can use text or create icons to visually trigger the shopper to delve further into their shopping experience, so they can find exactly what they seek at your sports store’s online site. Icons can even help buyers make a difficult choice when trying to decide between items they want to purchase.

A buyer can also quickly navigate your eCommerce site in a timely fashion using the features. 

You can even offer expert advice to help the buyer promptly make their decision. Having a match help section is a definite boost that most shoppers appreciate and value. 

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Ready to unleash your full potential?


#4. High-Converting Product Page 

Your product page is crucial because it’s where you display everything you have for sale. 

You want it to be appealing visually. Humans are very visual by nature. Most shoppers don’t want to read a lot but instead want to focus on pictures and other attractive things. Imagery should be a huge part of your online sports store. Feature lots of graphics to grab attention on your product page. The photos that you use are a great selling feature. 

People want to see what they are buying before making the purchase, so they will want to see the item from all angles. You really can’t overdo it with photos. 

Take the opportunity to use colours and distinguishable fonts to make your brand easily identifiable. Remember, you want to not only stand out from the pack of online eCommerce sports stores, but you also want to become memorable to your clients. 

With content, graphics, and colourful font, you can definitely grab attention.

Cox&Cox. Product Page Exaple that really converts

 #5. Product Labels

Product labels should be short and to the point. 

People appreciate concise wording coupled with nice visuals. They don’t want to waste a lot of time reading some lengthy product description before deciding. However, that does not mean you should forego the product labels. Just focus on the point in each product label while making them catchy. Each product text needs to be memorable and descriptive. 

You can also incorporate icons into the product labels as additional icing on the cake to grab the viewer’s attention and hold onto it, so they don’t navigate away. 

Many people find pop-ups annoying because they distract them from the task at hand. However, you will want to tailor the pop-ups to reach the audience so that you might score a sale with ease! The pop-ups should appear visually appealing, quick, and self-explanatory. 

Another side of the coin to consider product labels is that they are great for building brand awareness. In that little label snippet, you can truly capture the buyer’s interest, so you live on in their memory. The words you pick will give definition and character to your brand, building a loyal following of dedicated customers. 

#6. Upselling and Cross-Selling 

Upselling techniques, along with renewals, are exceedingly popular. 

You can add related products to each sports store’s product pages. This trick often increases the buyer’s purchase size substantially as they discover new items that pique their interest and appeal to their budget. The items you choose are typically related in some way, and they are made as suggestions. 

When a potential buyer sees something that interests them, then they will click on it. You’ll keep the buyer on your page longer, which could help them plan and finalise the sale. 

 You can also categorise things into sets to offer a bulk discount when someone buys one. Most people like to save money, and buying more than one product in a set makes them feel like they are getting a good deal. Upselling and cross-selling are remarkably effective. 

#7. Customisation Options 

Sport fans love the customisation of certain mementoes and items. Provide them with engraving services or other features that help make things custom and memorable. 

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 #8. Personalised User Experience 

A personalised user experience lets the buyer feel like they are not just a number. Instead, they view themselves as a valued customer. Your online sports store will benefit from a personalised touch. 

Shoppers who have a pleasant and fulfilling experience not only make an initial first purchase but buy more and return for additional purchases. 

 Offering test pages is an interesting way to personalise the user’s experience. You can ask them to answer three to five questions and then use their answers to better match products to their unique needs or interests. 

You can offer a personalised list of items that you feel strongly they might like, enjoy, or need. The end result can explain why each product might meet the customer’s needs based on the answers they made to the questions. The personalised test is fun and intuitive. It gives you valuable insight into your customers’ needs and interests. 

#9. Omnichannel Strategy

You might be wondering what an omnichannel strategy meaning is? 

Put simply, it is a way to further enhance the customer experience by offering online and offline business activities. You want your brand to be real online and offline. Basically, you want your brand’s presence to become big everywhere.

Try creating separate pages that focus on your sports store’s online and offline identity. 

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Final Thoughts 

Building the best online sports store is challenging, especially if you opt to do it alone. However, with our business and tech consulting skills, our experts can help solve all of your tech challenges for both new online and offline business. We even work with famous brands. 

Trust us, we solve challenges, and we are ready to meet your needs in a personalised and professional way, so your eCommerce sports store becomes a leader. 

Our team will focus on easy-to-use navigation, product labels, upselling, customisation, navigation, and an omnichannel strategy that will help you achieve the success you seek online.

We are experts in tech and business consulting. We offer all-in-one services. Our tech team is here to meet any challenge for your new online or offline business and brands.


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