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21 Must-Have Shopify Apps | Come In Handy Every Merchant in 2021 Reality

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Shopify has emerged as an impressive eCommerce platform. Using the service, you can effortlessly set up and bring into existence your own unique eCommerce online store. With the premium design choices at your disposal, you’ll reap the benefits of a bevvy of the site’s bells and whistles (tools, apps, designs), so you can meet your target objectives. 

Shopify runs its own App Store, which is home to an admirable number of over 4,000 apps.

The apps are also increasing on a daily basis as more designers launch unique ideas and others polish their existing ones with upgrades that work out the glitches. Remember, every year, merchant needs and requirements go through a transformation. App designers have to stay on their toes to meet the needs and become the leader in popularity and function. 

The apps that you’ll encounter on the site are not just Shopify designed but also third-party picks.

Currently, there are still apps being churned out daily that have been developed and expanded on to increase your eCommerce site’s:

  • functionality,
  • shipping,
  • secure checkout,
  • SEO,
  • marketing,
  • speed optimisation,
  • drop sharing,
  • management.

Having and using the right Shopify apps will increase the average order value (AOV).

Maybe it’s time you sat down and considered what apps will work best for your site’s needs and then you can start to slowly roll them into the platform to fashion greater function and better meet the needs of your customers. 

The best must-have Shopify apps you’ll encounter are both free and paid. Whether you are running a classic ‘mom-and-pop shop’ or a large, thriving business, the Shopify store offers apps of all sizes for a wide range of industries. It’s nice having so many choices, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. In this article, we are going to explore the must-have Shopify apps every merchant needs in 2021.

What Are the Best Upsell Apps for Shopify? 

You’ll find different forms of upsells, but basically, they let a customer duplicate an item, and then they can receive a bulk discount. Let’s look at a common upsell – you have a customer who wants to buy one bottle of shampoo but if they buy two bottles then they will get a savings of 15, 20, or 25 per cent off. 

Another version is considered an ‘upgrade upsell’. This is when a vendor features an expensive item for sale and then offers an even more costly version for consideration alongside the first item. 

Apple does this frequently.

Let’s say that you want to buy an iPad, so you run a search for iPads on Apple’s site. They will show you several versions with upgrades, etc. Each one of the items featured is a step up in price with even more bells and whistles. This is a quite common upgrade upsell that any retailer can take advantage of on their site. 

The nice thing about an upsell is it can take place in a wide array of locations on your eCommerce store, such as the cart page, post-purchase funnel, product page, and more. If you are trying to offer what is referred to as an upgrade upsell, you should opt to position it on the product page because very few shoppers will take the extra step to replace the item once they are at their cart or checkout. 

There are quite a few apps to consider, such as Bold Upsell, which lets you suggest a higher value product in place of an item. Basically, the visitor adds an item to their cart off the product page, but they are then shown a high-priced item that they can easily replace it with. Of course, the higher-priced item will be better, a step up, have more features, or whatever to make it even more appealing and seem like a must-have and better deal. 

The Best Upsell Shopify Apps

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell

ReConvert has the distinction of being one of Shopify’s own apps. You can use it to customise and alter certain aspects of your website such as the  “Thank You” page. With the perks, you can perform both upsells and cross-sells with ease. With a single click of the mouse button, the would-be buyer can add the additional deal to their cart effortlessly. One of the big pros of ReConvert is that the interface is simple to understand and use.

The pricing is also based on the total sales. The main con is that it does slow loading speeds. 

Also Bought

A Shopify app, Also Bought is based on cross-selling. The general foundation of the app is pretty simple. Maybe a person is looking at laptops and considering making a purchase. The app plugin knows that if someone buys a laptop then they are likely going to buy additional accessories, so the app will show those particular items on the product page. 

Also, it has the ability to increase the AOV so that the person will buy more than just a single product.

Instead, they will be spurred to also purchase the accessories that they might not have even thought about prior to seeing them come up on the page. Think of the app as a helpful reminder. Everyone forgets things when they go shopping, but this app provides valuable ideas about things the buyer might not have even considered. 


People never want to feel like they missed out on something; they always want to have what their neighbours have. Basically, Nudgify plays on this psychological reaction. It gives the buyer a ‘nudge’ in the right direction. Sometimes buyers get lost but with a little direction, you can quickly point them the way they need to go. This is how Nudgify works and why it’s so successful. 

The Shopify app springs into action with easy-to-use pop-up boxes to show viewers that other people have just recently bought what they are considering purchasing. The logic behind this action is that it will inspire the viewer also to buy the item and to act before the shelves go bare. It’s all about urgency and pushing someone to act quickly or miss out on a great opportunity. 

The app is also supposed to foster a deep feeling of trust, which naturally pushes up sales to impressive numbers and builds a feeling of loyalty with the buyer which is the trick to ensuring return customers. 

Wiser – Personalised Recommendations 

Wiser was drafted into existence by Expert Village Media. The upsell app makes suggestions about products by relying on what is top-selling, trending, recently viewed, related, also bought, frequently bought, and similar. The app appears to increase a business’s review by 20 to 30 per cent using upsell and cross-sell widgets. 

One of the pros of this app is that it is wonderfully customisable. You can choose from their free plan or pick between three paid plans.

 Sales Countdown Timer Bar 

Creating urgency is a classic activity that this Shopify app utilises by displaying a countdown timer. For some reason, buyers automatically feel rushed to make a decision when a timer appears. The timer works like a charm and they quickly start adding things to their cart that they might not have considered previously if they didn’t think ‘time’ was running out. Everything becomes a rush, but shows great promise in ensuring a sale. 

In addition, you can use the app to offer a discount or a free gift with orders that contain a minimum purchase threshold if they order within a particular time frame. 

Wishlist Plus 

Who doesn’t have a mental wish list? With Wishlist Plus, customers can formulate their very own unique wish list of the products that they would like to buy in the near future such as when payday arrives or over the holidays. They can even share the wish list with their family and friends. With the wish list, a person will make a large order during a special time period like a birthday, Valentines Day, Christmas, or some other gift-giving occasion. Kids especially enjoy making wishlists on computers for their parents. Also, bridal registries and baby shower gift lists can be tailored and honed. 

SMART Bundle Upsell – Smart Upsells 

SMART Bundle Upsell will track all cart items, browsing, and then fashion targeted upsell techniques. Enjoy advanced customisation, and you can even bundle products. The pros include the great 24 customer support, customer rewards, and easy setup. 

Feedback Forms 

Feedback forms such as Form Builder inspire trust and spur communication with the customers. You can quickly collect your customer’s information which can prove invaluable to your long term success.

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Must-Have Shopify Apps for Marketing 

Apps tailored for marketing are imperative for any successful eCommerce businesses. If you plan to increase your marketing power and build business awareness, then an app can truly assist you with your goals. Picking the hottest marketing apps is remarkably easy. 

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Must-Have Shopify Apps for Marketing 

AVADA: SMS & Email Marketing Automation 

The AVADA functions as a workhorse email marketing app. Its function is to focus on email marketing with automation combined with mass sending campaigns. You can use the app to formulate messages and send them to specific, hand-picked customers. 

Thinking about trying out an email campaign?  With the pre-made email templates, the entire process becomes a breeze. You can also fashion pop-ups or beloved, Wheel of Fortune-like spin wheels for your site. The app tracks the performance of every campaign that you launch, so you can gauge the effectiveness and make necessary adjustments. 

Loox – Photo Reviews 

With Loox, you are given the power to place photo reviews directly on your eCommerce site. Products that feature their own small review are appealing. They help sell the item and inspire interest in the viewer. People are visual and most will look at the photo with interest and then take a few minutes to read the short and sweet review which helps spike your conversion rate. Pick and choose which photo reviews you want to use and then fashion them on the pages of your site in places to attract attention.  You can also draft a dedicated review page, or put the reviews right in front of the item.

The app also helps you with automatic emails requesting reviews. You can give discounts to customers who take the time to leave you a review. 

PushOwl – Web Push Notifications 

Probably the biggest and most serious problems faced by online sellers is persistent abandoned carts. PushOwl lets you remind potential buyers that they have abandoned a cart. You can then give them the gentle and persuasive nudge they need to return and take the big step in finalising the purchase. Offer a special discount or try something else. Pretty soon you will have an entire bag of tricks at your disposal that you can pull out and use to make the sale and get the customers to keep coming back. 

Create a tailored campaign or offer reminders when things get back in stock. Customise the entire thing with the use of buttons, messages, and images. 

This app has a five-star rating in the app store on Shopify

Growave – All-In-One Marketing App 

Growave lets you actually interact in a friendly fashion with your visitors with the all-in-one app package. You can share this socially. You can definitely grow your brand and give it its own character. The app’s advanced features let you create automated personalised coupons, which go a long way towards establishing the store’s credibility.

Kit – Intelligent Facebook Ads 

Imagine having your own personal assistant to help you manage your Instagram and Facebook ads. Kit functions in a manner that is similar to a chat but. You can use it to set up ads and increase your eCommerce sales using this remarkably friendly and easy-to-use AI.

ReferralCandy – Referral program 

ReferalCandy is a great word of mouth app. Run a referral program, create campaigns, and track traffic sources are just a few of the perks of this app. 

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Shopify Apps for Customer Support 

Traffic has picked up, and you are going to need to start converting those visitors into customers who purchase. The chances are good that they have questions concerning shipping, prices, sales, rewards, and more, so you want an app that supports the customers’ queries so everything runs smoother. Below are some Shopify apps you must have. 

Shopify Apps for Customer Support 

Return Magic – Product Return Solution

Customers regularly return items. That is just the way it is in the eCommerce business. In fact, there is an actual return rate that hovers around 30 per cent in most cases, so you need to start preparing.  

One of the best apps is Return Magic which lets you process everything efficiently, whether you are providing a monetary refund or a gift card. You can quickly prepare and print labels, provide exchanges and ensure that automation successfully handles each step. 

Shoelace – Retargeting Customers 

Shoelace helps you build retargeting campaigns using Instagram and Facebook. The ads help to educate and motivate your customers, so they come back. They are a great way to forge long-lasting relationships. 

Point of Sale – In-Person Sales 

Point of Sale is great for online and in person. The app helps you receive money with no translation fees. You can even sell offline—also, track performance and process payments. 

Smile – Loyalty program 

Give your customers the incentives they want and desire with rewards. A smile makes everything easier. You can pick from three styles to create the programs you are envisioning. 

Must-Have Shopify Apps For Product Subscriptions 

Start enhancing your eCommerce site with product subscriptions. Create recurring orders and easy checkouts. 


The ultimate goal of ReCharge is to make growing your eCommerce site a breeze. You can create fast subscriptions and enable impressive growth. You can even increase customer engagement. 

Bold Subscriptions 

Let customers purchase on time and then launch a subscription. Keep customers subscribed with this handy app.


The Upscribe app takes a step up from simple subscriptions and actually grows subscribers. The checkout process has never been easier. 



Shopify apps provide you with impressive features to enhance your eCommerce site substantially. Without a doubt, Shopify has climbed to the top because of its impressive platforms and many apps. Whether you want to boost revenue or make the selling process easier, profit increases are in your future using any of the apps in this article. 

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