You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for. Magento 2 eCommerce was introduced at Magento Imagine 2011 in Las Vegas. Why the wait you will ask? They just wanted to change too much a Magento core team member once told me. Well, what I have seen in Las Vegas, drag and drop templates for instance, was indeed very promising.

What are the reasons I would migrate to the new version?

  • Visual design editor for templates is a huge improvement
  • Theming easier and faster
  • Upgrades will cost less
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Better product management
  • Very nice dashhboards and backoffice
  • Technology stack: latest versions of PHP, JQuery, CSS3, etc.

What does the migration take?

  • Data migration tool for all your existing Magento 1 data
  • You will need a new template
  • All extensions need to be replaced with Magento 2 versions
  • Customization needs to be redone

That’s a bit of bad news of course.

Magento will support the 1 version 3 years after the official launch of Magento 2 in Q4 2015. This means that only security updates will be released.

Our advice:

If Magento is the eCommerce Platform of your choice and you already have a version 1 webshop, migrate in time but not hasty. Nice to know that no information will be lost, even the new orders during the migration.

For new projects start rigth away with Magento 2, the beta version will for sure be production ready by the end of the year.